Flapper Dresses and Flat-Front Trousers: Is the fashion of the Gatsby Era still here?

After World War I, fashion got a new breath of life, thanks to a developing economy.

Women were no longer required to wear men’s overalls during their contribution to the war effort. Instead, they took advantage of bolder colors and new fashions. Many cut their hair into short bobs. The art and fashion scenes were at the heart of a social revolution, which was running alongside the rebellion against prohibition.

The Gatsby-Era Fashion

The 1920s were heavily influenced by the Gatsby era, as captured in the book The Great Gatsby. Known as the roaring twenties, it was a time when America’s economy grew and prospered. The different social classes, working, middle-and upper all benefited. Everything was opulent, including fashion.

Men would wear suits that would consist of wide stripes, plaid, and other bold patterns, along with wide lapels and flat-front trousers. They were also introduced to leisure wear, which included sweaters and baggy pants.

Inspired by movie stars like Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford, flapper dresses were worn by women, along with a long string of pearls, and/or feather boas and cloche hats. If they were going out, they may have more sparkle with sequins and replace their cloche hats with a headpiece.

Places men and women would have frequented in their finery would’ve been underground casinos. With both gambling and alcohol being prohibited, backroom gambling was commonplace, yet you always saw men and women dressed to the nines.

Fashion Choices Today

A century later, casinos were no longer prohibited, yet many land-based casinos still have dress codes. For instance, daytime may require a smart-casual look, whereas, at night, casino players may be required to wear a more smart and sophisticated look. This could even include flapper dresses, which are still in fashion today, although there are plenty of other styles available.
However, you don’t need to think about what to wear if you decide to play at an online casino because no one can see you. You can play live games anywhere you choose, without having to consider what you’re wearing. The choice of games at a live online casino is very similar to those offered at a land-based one. For instance, if you want to play a card game against a dealer, you may opt for blackjack or poker. Maybe you want to join a bingo room to play a game of bingo. Perhaps you want a quick game on the slots, or maybe you want the best of both worlds and decide to play Slingo.

With both land-based and online live casinos available for people to play various games in, they have a choice when it comes to where they want to play. If you opt for an online live casino, you don’t need to consider what you’re wearing as you’re not seen.

If you feel like a night out at a casino, you’ll need to dress appropriately. Whether it’s a flapper dress or something else, the choice is yours. Knowing the casino’s dress code in advance will help you fit in.


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