Oxford Fashion Studio London Fashion Week Show featuring SuKaz, KELSE, Rowena Meghan, Tokyo Twiggy, Aimee Nielsen

    September 19, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
    Industry Only

    RSVP: star@theriviereagency.com

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    Oxford Fashion Studio: Since 2009 Oxford Fashion Studio, led by Carl Anglim and Tiffany Saunders, has helped 700+ designers from 70+ countries to launch collections into the UK, USA and European markets. The company began at Oxford University and then grew from there to London, New York, Milan and Paris producing shows and campaigns for independent designers across all four fashion capitals. The company has produced runway shows, speaker events, retail events, photography and art exhibitions, film screenings, networking events, live photo shoots, live fashion sketching, city-wide late openings of high street retailers and museum lates including a fashion takeover of the Ashmolean Museum attracting 2,500+ attendees. This year Oxford Fashion Studio is set to play a leading role in helping designers, fashion brands and the industry as a whole to bounce back from Covid by launching a new platform for emerging designers, by introducing a sustainable design programme and by delivering Faduma’s Fellowship.


    Sep 2021 Release | Houston, USA

    Each SuKaz jacket, created by Designer Susan Hollingsworth, is the product of 20 years living in international locales. A labour of love between designer, textile artisan, and seamstress; the wearable art pieces serve as tangible reminders of cultural craft passed down through generations. Telling a unique story, threads of ancient traditions are interwoven with flashes of contemporary elegance.Each jacket is a labor of love between designer, fibre artist and seamstress; a reflection of countless hours spent haunting markets and bazaars from Africa to the Middle and Far East, points along the Silk Road of Central Asia, and the mother lode, the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. The fibre art panel in each jacket is original, showcasing needle art techniques including embroidery, fabric origami, needle felting, ribbon work and appliqué. An individual panel can take up to 50 hours start to finish, not including the intensive training process each artisan undertakes to learn basic techniques. Buttons are often hand-crafted, tatted, kiln-forged (metal) or kiln-fired (glass), and the fabrics themselves might be embroidered, manipulated through smocking and folding, or hand woven on wooden looms. Crafted to the finest detail, SuKaz jackets are one-of-a-kind works of art.

    AW21 | Essex, UK

    A contemporary yet timeless brand that encapsulates the art of craftsmanship, where the love for design is fuelled by the appreciation of manual labour, free from gender barriers. With a deep focus on the artistry of the pieces resulting in high quality, sustainable designs all designed and manufactured in London. AW21 has been directly inspired by the work of artist Georgia o’Keeffe, whose work largely involved paintings of enlarged flowers, and landscapes, encapsulating her feelings. Much like the work of o’Keeffe, the collection is centred around nature, with (90%) of the products being derived from natural sources.

    Rowena Meghan
    Destination: Punk | Perth, Australia | IG

    Rowena Meghan is a luxury swim and resort wear label based in Perth Australia, founded by Rowena Schultz in 2019, that draws inspiration from sub cultures and time periods. Rowena Meghan was born from the love of fashion and life, designs that celebrate the uniqueness for the world and the people that live in it. Destination:Punk draws on punk culture mixed with resort ready-to-wear. The collection was inspired by the current time we are living in, fighting for rights, fighting for our environment and fighting for freedom.

    Tokyo Twiggy
    Retrograde | Indianapolis, USA

    Tokyo Twiggy is a custom streetwear brand with original textiles that create edgy yet comfortable garments. Designer Jenn Felts, who graduated from The Art Institute of Indianapolis, struggled to find fabrics to meet her vision which led to creating her own textiles and the founding of Tokyo Twiggy in 2018. In 2019 Jenn won the Indiana Fashion Week 2019 Emerging Designer Competition judged by Fern Mallis of New York Fashion Week.

    Aimee Nielsen
    A Tempestade | Miami, USA

    Aimee’s new collection ‘A Tempestade’ is inspired by the symbolic nature of the phases of a storm: the calmness before, the storm itself, and the destruction afterwards. The collection also draws on inspiration from the 16th and 17th centuries. The collection incorporates menswear, womenswear, and gender-neutral pieces while utilizing techniques such as hand embroidery, draping, pleating, and tailoring. Aimee’s previous work has been featured in La Botanica Magazine Winter Issue N.6, Newsweek, Popsugar, and Zimbio as well as having been displayed at the Museum at FIT in New York. Aimee maintains a couture line, Aimee Nielsen, and an active/sport line, Nielsena Sport. Aimee’s designs are available for celebrity styling through The Trendhaus based out of Los Angeles, California.