Moncler Hosts ‘an Invitation to Dream’ Dinner at Milano Centrale Railway Station

Last night, Moncler hosted a private dinner in celebration of the brand’s ‘An Invitation To Dream’ exhibition at Milano Centrale railway station.

Curated by Jefferson Hack, with film and photography by Jack Davison, the exhibition transforms Milano Centrale railway station into one of the world’s largest public galleries, featuring a cast of extraordinary minds shaping dreams and culture today.


Hosted by Chairman and CEO of Moncler Remo Ruffini, the dinner welcomed guest of honor JR who recently completed the artwork ‘La Nascita’ at the iconic venue. Other notable guests included Yuri Ancarani, Sarah Andelman, Selcan Atilgan, Nayla Audi, Spencer Bailey, Swizz Beatz, Diego Bergamaschi, Alessandra Borghese, Marcantonio Brandolini, Tara Carroll, Marisa Chearavanont, Luca Cipelletti, Anna Cleveland, Alfredo Cramerotti, Alessandra D’Urso, Danae Dasyra, Vincenzo De Bellis, Joseph Dirand, Anne-Sophie Dirand, Tom Dixon, Claudia Dwek, Greta Ferro, Isamaya Ffrench, Isabeli Fontana, Laila Gohar, Jefferson Hack, Martin Hatebur, Gabriel Hendifar, Andy Küchel, Beatrice Leanza, Sebastiano Leddi, Massimiliano Locatelli, Jerry Lorenzo, Iacopo Bedogni & Nicolò Massazza aka Masbedo, Lucie Meier, Luke Meier, Francesca Minini, Margherita Missoni, Eugenio Morpurgo, Helena Napoli, Paola Navone, Adrian Paci, Emmanuel Perrotin, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Stefano Rabolli Pansera, Francesco Ragazzi, Renzo Rosso, Angela Rui, Tommaso Sacchi, Zoe Saldana, Laura Sartori Rimini, Auronda Scalera, Alessandra Schwerzler, Paolo Sorrentino, Jasmine Starck, Philippe Starck, Vita Stolova, Giulio Tega, Flaminia Veronesi, Marco Voena and Bethan Laura Wood.

‘An Invitation To Dream’ will run from 15-21 April. Following the exhibition in Milan, the story will be extended as part of a global campaign activated to bring ‘An Invitation To Dream’ to a worldwide audience.


Daniel Arsham
Dr. Deepak Chopra
Isamaya Ffrench
Laila Gohar
Jeremy O. Harris
Francesca Hayward
Ruth Rogers
Remo Ruffini
Rina Sawayama
Sumayya Vally


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