Andrew Kwon Closing Designer of NYBFW

Tn an intimate and breathtaking surprise runway show at Genesis House that culminated this season’s Bridal Fashion Week, ANDREW KWON unveiled his newest bridal collection, Collection 8 — prelude.

This collection is not just a celebration of the brand’s illustrious journey in fashion but also a prologue to the innovative realms ANDREW KWON is set to explore. With this collection, ANDREW KWON redefines the bridal experience, intertwining the essence of the red carpet with the purity and beauty of matrimonial bliss.

“With a heart full of pride, I’ve been given the honor to close this season’s New York Bridal Fashion Week by the CFDA. This collection, rooted in the essence of my brand’s beginnings in bridal, pays homage to the iconic figures and brides who have embraced my creations. Crafted by the most skilled artisans, Collection 8 — prelude is imbued with light, emotion, and enchantment, destined to resonate with all who experience it. I am excited to welcome you to this special showcase at Genesis House.” — AK

Andrew Kwon

The Essence of Collection 8 — prelude

Drawing from the brand’s signature tulle tiered gowns, florals, and draped capes, ANDREW KWON embarked on an ambitious journey to push the boundaries draping, construction, and craftsmanship. Each piece, embodying over 60 hours of meticulous draping and sewing, represents a chapter in the brand’s evolving narrative. From exploring diverse chiffons to innovating with cross drapes that signify life’s interconnectedness, this collection marries traditional techniques with a modern sensibility aimed at the fashion-forward bride.

A highlight of the collection is a piece that required over 200 hours of embroidery, showcasing ANDREW KWON’s dedication to creating not just garments but “moments.” This dedication to craftsmanship extends to designs that reimagine the bridal gown for today’s multifaceted woman, offering versatility and a nod to sustainability with transformable pieces.

Collection 8 — prelude is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of bridal fashion. Inspired by the designer’s reflections on the brand’s core values and the glamorous allure of Old Hollywood, the collection is a tribute to the women who have and continue to inspire ANDREW KWON. It’s a collection that not only looks back in reverence but also strides forward in anticipation of the beauty yet to come.

In addition to the pieces in the collection, the hair and makeup were inspired by the world of what Haute Couture, bridging the fantasies of ethereal tales along with the red carpet.

Thank you to our sponsors | This unforgettable showcase could not have been possible without the collaboration and support of our cherished partners. A heartfelt thank you to Mayela Basquez (lead hair artist) and Martin Plascencia (lead hair artist) with Living Proof for their impeccable hair and makeup artistry, to Xin Ruo Huang of Le Petite Prive for their exquisite event production, to Julian Navarette for the stunning florals, to Stuart Weitzman for the stunning footwear that graced the runway, and to all our sponsors who played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life.


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