Indice Studio Autumn / Winter 2018 “Sorry, Select Shops…”

    January 18, 2018 – January 25, 2018 all-day
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    10 AM – 8 PM
    18 Rue Ferdinand Duval
    75004 Paris, France


    Indice studio serves as a catalogue, guiding viewers to look beyond mere surface of things.

    It was precisely a near-death experience in rural Sri Lanka that struck Hao Lee, the creative director of Indice Studio, so deeply that he realized he wanted to start out on his own and touch more people through his creative work. Largely self-taught, Hao Lee studied his sizable collection of works from legendary designers. Over the years of being commissioned by corporations, Lee’s design has fully grown into a designer brand. Now combined with his passion for boxing and the philosophy to live dangerously, Lee’s work shows an utilitarian edge balanced off by his humanitarian take on existential quest.

    After exhibiting at Pitti Immagine Uomo and during Paris Fashion Week, Indice Studio won the 2017 Creative Call Out, a competition hosted by the renowned luxury retailer Lane Crawford. Now besides working on exclusive collaboration with the retail giant, Indice Studio is slowly expanding in the global market.

    About Indice studio 2018 Autumn/Winter “Sorry, Select Shops…”

    There has been a tremendous shift of power in the fashion industry. Fashion used to be mysterious, exclusive to only certain class. For people who could not attend fashion week, they had to wait for magazines to see the latest collections. And had to wait for months until local retailers put the new pieces on the rack.

    Now with the internet, without attending fashion week, anyone can still see the runway show in real time through live podcast. Prices have been so transparent that it’s been a common sense for customers to compare prices between all offerings online. Select shops often go into price war to win over that few clicks from the customers. Who is to define what fashion is anyway? Everything is instagrammable now, have it be your fit-of-the-day or a random stranger on the street. With this irreversible trend rolling, fashion is no longer defined as a top-down process. It’s no news that fashion is becoming more and more democratized.

    Seeing how technology has stolen power from the established (haves) to common people (have-nots), Indice Studio decided to joke about renowned select shops by putting their logos on various pieces from the AW18 collection without permission. It’s a way of empowering end-customer by saying “Select shops are no longer up-there telling you what to buy to be fashion, you are a buyer yourself too, and have the right to voice for your selection.” Although this is overstepping in terms of legal compliance, Indice Studio will not sell directly the pieces with logo to anyone. End-customers can purchase those pieces if the select shop who got their logo printed on the piece decided to stock the item. This decision however, isn’t up to select shops alone. Indice Studio has created a bi-directional protocol for customer to speak to select shops regarding what to stock on its official website to echo and celebrate the evolving C2B trend. Please visit to discover more.