Propaganda Agency Launches Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

Propaganda Agency (@propagandaagencyus) is a hand-crafted, sustainable knitwear brand, inspired by the 1970s. Founder Jack Watkins designed the vintage-modern collection based on his passion for the colors, decor, and music of that iconic era, along with the culture of his home state of Southern California.

Each style is carefully knitted with soft, luxurious yarn made of organically grown Peruvian Pima Cotton and ethically sourced Baby Alpaca Wool. The label takes immense pride in sourcing our alpaca yarns from licensed and certified humane farms where the animals are able to roam free and graze on natural grasses. You can rest assured knowing that your treasured Propaganda Agency alpaca clothing has been borne from ethical and humane practices.

Propaganda Agency Launches Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

Jack believes, “your clothing is your own propaganda”, because what you wear say a lot about you. A Propaganda Agency sweater says…I invest in quality, timeless pieces that I can wear forever, I care about how my clothing is made, and I don’t only wear the latest trends.

When it came to ideating the Spring/Summer 23 collection, Jack did things a bit differently. Instead of searching for inspiration from current trends, he scoured the internet and vintage archives for pictures of colored couches, patterned wallpapers, and social scenes from past decades. He spent a year in Lima, Peru, finding the perfect yarn mill to create the most silky, organic, and durable sweater possible. Peruvian expert knitters spend up to a whole day creating each garment, hence each style in the collection is made in limited quantities.

Propaganda Agency is a unisex label, and can be found online at and select retailers. We are more than happy to send samples for review, additional imagery, and facilitate interviews with the founder Jack Watkins – based on availability.


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