Introducing NEIWAI – A Premium Lifestyle Brand for Modern Women

NEIWAI is a premium lifestyle brand for all that believe comfort, style, and sustainability can go hand in hand. Starting with the inspiration to create lingerie that frees both body and mind, NEIWAI has evolved into a full lifestyle brand with a variety of intimate collections that provide comfort and support physically and emotionally throughout the day and life of modern women.

Xiaolu Liu, Founder and President of NEIWAI

NEIWAI was founded by Xiaolu Liu who recognized the need for comfortable and stylish intimate apparel. Xiaolu Liu has always been passionate about creating a women’s underwear brand that provides real comfort, support, and style for women of all shapes and sizes. Xiaolu Liu was inspired by her mother, who worked in the underwear industry for 30 years and instilled in her daughter the importance of creating high-quality, comfortable underwear.

After years of consulting for women’s brands and experiencing the limitations and persistent problems in the traditional underwear industry, Xiaolu Liu realized that women deserved better. In 2012, she founded NEIWAI with her husband, with aspirations to design intimate clothing for women who desire comfort, mobility, and the peace of mind that self-expression and style can provide.

The idea for NEIWAI came to life when Xiaolu had a chance encounter with a 70-year-old lady while studying in New York City. The lady mentioned a Swiss underwear brand in passing, telling Xiaolu that she had been wearing the same brand for almost half a century. The idea stuck with Xiaolu, and she believed that a good underwear brand should always be there for a woman throughout her life – on all its ups, downs, and little adventures.

“As a mother of two girls, I also wish the same for my girls- to grow up and live with the intimate apparel that frees their bodies and minds. Therefore, we created styles that are not just made to be worn, but they’re Made To Live In,” said Xiaolu Liu.

With an emphasis on technology and innovation, NEIWAI specializes in creating solution-wear for modern women, adopting unique fabric blends that provide the ultimate fit and support both physically and emotionally throughout the day. NEIWAI started with comfort but didn’t stop there. Uniting heritage and quality, NEIWAI is dedicated to meaningful designs that meet the needs of people from all backgrounds and takes pride in its commitment to sustainability.

“NEIWAI’s goal is to create a true connection between people and clothing while empowering and encouraging more women to explore and express their inner selves and the outside world.” The brand blends their design philosophy of “The Body Knows & The Earth Knows” into product creation. The NEIWAI team believes that when a brand puts its heart into its clothing, the body knows the difference. From the source of every strand of wool to how much water is used to produce every pair of jeans, the Earth also knows that the carbon footprint of every piece of clothing produced matters. “We make our clothes for you – and they’re not just made to be worn, they’re Made To Live In”.

The Barely Zero Collection, one of the most popular wireless bras among NEIWAI’s products, is the perfect example of the Made To Live In comfort that NEIWAI strives to create. Designed to revolutionize the conventional perception of bras, this collection conforms to your body, offering custom-made comfort and support that accompany you throughout your day seamlessly.

The Barely Zero Collection is a true representation of NEIWAI’s core values of sustainability and ethical practices. With adaptive sizing, wireless designs, and 100% eco-friendly packaging, this collection is not only a game-changer for comfort but also for sustainability. Since its introduction in 2020, Barely Zero has been featured in many NEIWAI campaigns and has been instrumental in elevating NEIWAI’s global brand recognition.

Though NEIWAI started in lingerie, the brand has evolved to include signature collections across categories, including loungewear, inspired casualwear, performance-focused active styles, and even a selection of men’s everyday essentials. All offerings are with a continued commitment to comfort, sustainability, and style that are all Made to Live In.


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