How To Look Effortlessly Stylish At Your Wedding

How To Look Effortlessly Stylish At Your Wedding

Whether you have been dreaming about your wedding day since you were a toddler playing dress-up or never considered marriage until later in life, your wedding day is a day where you deserve to feel special.

While feeling special and loved will likely derive from the event itself and the fact that you are marrying someone you truly love – you should also make sure you look your best.

After all, when we look our best, we often feel our best. Meaning your style can be a great way to feel more confident – and will also make for some fantastic photographs.

With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to look effortlessly stylish at your wedding!

  • Keep an eye out for current trends. When selecting your wedding dress, one way in which you can appear effortlessly stylish is by paying attention to current trends amongst other brides and designers. For example, early 2022 buying habits suggest that the beachy look is back in weddings, with many brides opting for simple, bohemian designs when selecting their gowns. However, it’s also important to remember that your dress should reflect your own tastes and style – as this is the outfit you will feel the most like yourself in, and being unapologetically yourself is the true definition of style.
  • Let your ring make the statement. In previous years, large wedding gowns with long trails were all the range. However, over time, this fairytale design has fallen out of fashion as a sleeker look often comes across as more stylish and simplistic – but that doesn’t mean you cannot find other ways to make a statement. For example, you could select a stunning wedding ring from companies such as Flawless, which will add that ‘something special’ to your outfit. Whatsmore, it’s better to allocate your funds to a stunning ring than an extra-long veil as you’ll wear the ring every day!
  • Ensure your dress complements your entourage’s outfits. One of the most essential styling tips for your wedding entourage that you need to consider is ensuring that your looks are cohesive. For example, you should ensure that the style of dresses selected complement each other, even if you are going for the ‘same but different’ vibe. You should also make sure that your bouquet compliments their outfits. For example, if they are wearing pink, find flowers in a similar shade. This looks great on photographs and shows how much thought you have put into the planning process.
  • Pamper yourself ahead of the day. Taking care of yourself ahead of time is another excellent way to ensure you look (and feel) your best on your wedding day. For example, putting together a skincare routine ahead of time, or treating yourself to some luxury skincare treatments, will give you a natural, healthy glow when the big day rolls around. When your skin is looking its best, you’ll also be able to experiment with more subtle bridal makeup – which is essential if you want to look effortlessly stylish.
  • Practice your hair and make-up. Whether you are doing your hair and makeup yourself, trusting a member of your bridal party, or bringing in a stylist, it’s essential that you do a test run ahead of time. After all, there’s nothing worse than sitting in front of the mirror for hours only to be disappointed with how your make-up or hair turned out – and on your wedding day, you might not have the time to fix it. As a result, you should set aside some time before the wedding to practice your final look and hair. Do some research and pull photographs of looks you’d like to emulate so that you have something to work around.
  • Stay comfortable. As mentioned previously, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to look good or stylish – in fact, this is when we often look your best. As a result, you must make sure you are comfortable on your wedding day, especially as you’ll be on your feet for hours and might not get that much sleep ahead of time due to nerves. One way you can achieve this goal is by finding a pair of comfortable (yet stylish) shoes. While you may want to wear heels down the aisle, swapping them out for some simple flats later in the evening means you can keep dancing all night long. It also gives you an excuse to buy a second pair of shoes!
  • Choose simple accessories. While your ring will undoubtedly be the statement piece of jewellery featured on your big day, don’t be afraid to bring in some more jewellery to add a bit of sparkle. For example, you could purchase a stunning necklace or bracelet to really finish off the look. However, when it comes to wedding jewellery, it’s often better to choose something simplistic that complements the aesthetic of both your ring and your dress. This is due to the fact it gives you a more cohesive look.
  • Make sure your groom has guidance. In the same way you are in charge of your wedding outfit, your partner should be in charge of theirs – as you want to make sure they feel comfortable too. However, you should coordinate a little to ensure that there is cohesivity between styles. For example, you might want your groom and groomsmen to have ties that are the same colour as your bridal parties outfits. Furthemore, if your partner is not the most fashion-savvy person in the world, you might want to send someone who is shopping with them!
  • You’re never fully dressed without your smile. The easiest way to look your best at your wedding is to simply let your inner happiness shine out. Don’t try to pose too much for the photographs, just smile and be yourself. Not only will this allow you to enjoy your time (without having to think about the perfect angles for your instagram picture), but studies suggest that smiling makes you more attractive to others.


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