5 Styling Tips For You And Your Wedding Entourage

5 Styling Tips For You And Your Wedding Entourage

The couple may be the main attraction at a wedding, but their entourage deserves a share of attention. After all, everyone at the wedding should be at their best, down to the littlest detail. The overall style, especially that of yours and your entourage, adds to the distinction of the ceremony.

Entourage styling means achieving a uniform style in everything from the fabrics down to the hairstyles. If you have no idea how to accomplish this, look at these five tips for inspiration.

1. Shared qualities matter

If possible, try and have people who share qualities as your wedding party. This brings out a touch of uniqueness that will wow your guests. The entourage members don’t need to be completely similar to one another, but you can use this as a basis for selecting people to ask to be in your wedding.

This doesn’t necessarily mean shunning people close to you from the wedding entourage shortlist. However, having people you share qualities with can make styling less of a hassle. You’ll be on the same page in most styling decisions and the others at the wedding.

2. Keep the venue in mind

Before picking your dress or that of your entourage, think about the wedding venue. The type of venue will determine the wedding theme and other styling decisions. For instance, you don’t want to fit your bridesmaids in indoor wedding fashion for an outdoor or countryside wedding theme.

Knowing and understanding your venue will help draw the inspiration for the right style for you and your entourage. Timing is also another consideration; summer weddings, for example, work best with lightweight fabrics and more colorful hues.

3. Don’t take attire choice lightly

There are two main ways to style your wedding attire; matched and mismatched styles. The styles effectively apply to both sides of the wedding entourage, each with its pros and cons.

– Matched Style

You may have envisioned your entire wedding party dressed in matching dresses and hairstyles. This style keeps everything safe, traditional, and familiar. It’s what most people expect to see at a wedding. However, the downside is that it can be pretty challenging to please everyone with the same style.

– Mismatched Style

On the other hand, you can have your entourage wearing different but complementary attires. This approach offers more styling options, though keeping some aspects constant helps.

For example, you can choose a color and fabric and let your entourage pick the style that complements yours. It helps show uniformity even when visually distinct. However, it’s also a huge risk, as messing up the combination can result in a poor look. Planning a mismatched style requires more effort to pull it off successfully. (1)

4. Sweat the small stuff

Details such as make-up, accessories, and hairstyles may seem small, but they play a huge role in styling in a wedding. While you need to consider individuality and variety, that shouldn’t come at the expense of style cohesion. Coordinate these features to get a clean look at the ceremony.

Try and have bridesmaids in matching make-up, lipstick shade, and hairdo. As for the men, check the finer details such as the cufflinks, ties, tie clips, pocket squares, shoes, and belts. You’re encouraged to sweat the small stuff because many people notice these fine details in weddings and other big events.

5. Don’t play too safe

Some colors like navy blue, soft gray, and blush remain popular for bridesmaid dresses. But moving from the norm and mixing with unique colors can give your wedding a unique style. You can try marsala, a richer shade of red, if your wedding is more rustic and lavender for a sweeter look. (2) (3)

Another way to spruce things up is by embellishing the bridesmaid dresses with beads, sequins, or lace, traditionally used on the bridal gown. If you opt for the mismatched dresses or suits, keep the coordination by sticking to a set of colors on the palette.


Styling your entire entourage and yourself is a significant task, particularly if you don’t know where to start. You need to ensure that the whole party is on the same page in all aspects. You can look for inspiration online, but it’s better to stay in touch with whatever makes you feel comfortable.

As for clothes and accessories, don’t be afraid to step out of the norm with different hues and mismatched outfits. The ultimate styling tip for you and your entourage is your smiles, being present, and cherishing the memories.



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