Fashion NFT Project Roundiverse Raises Awareness for Animal Welfare at NFT NYC

Renowned fashion designer Qingqing Wu, founder of VLOV fashion studio, presented Roundiverse, an exclusive new NFT project at NFT NYC while raising awareness for one of his personal passions – animal welfare. The innovative digital fashion collection promises to be unlike anything seen before, and is the brainchild of Wu’s high-energy creative mind.

With over two decades of premier-level experience in the fashion industry, Wu is consistently named one of China Fashion Week’s Top Ten Fashion Designers. VLOV’s critically acclaimed collections have been showcased at the Lincoln Center for Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week and Beijing International Fashion Week, among others. His looks have been modeled by top industry talents such as Sean O’Pry, Clement Chabernaud, Simone Nobili, River Viiperi, to name a few. He has also shown at Uzbekistan Fashion Week and was a judge for the National Model Contest in China.

Fashion NFT Project Roundiverse

During 2014’s APEC presentation, Wu served as the head designer of the official commemorative outfits for major world leaders, including former U.S. president Barack Obama.

Now, Wu is venturing into the metaverse with expressive and purposeful digital fashion designed for the future with plans to return to NYFW in 2023. Joining forces with 3D designers Edith Ho and Qing Ho, Wu has created Roundiverse, a project that delivers an exclusive experience showcasing stunning 3D art and animation, physical 3D scannable NFT sculptures, digital fashion, and physical garments.

Roundiverse is not only a unique fashion project but also aims to raise awareness of animal preservation and fashion sustainability issues. Inspired by the Chinese zodiac, Roundiverse’s collection of twelve mystical roly-poly animals are the centerpiece of the project. These creatures are more than just sculptures; each has its own unique characteristics and story. Animal preservation-inspired clothing and props are incorporated into mesmerizing 3D artworks, bringing the creatures to life in unforgettable ways.

The Cyclops Roly-Poly, a creature that symbolizes unity, strength, and utopia, is at the heart of the Roundiverse collection. All of the creatures in the collection aim to inspire the younger generation about the importance of animal preservation, and the stunning 3D artworks are the means by which this message is shared with the world.

By owning a Roundiverse NFT, holders own a unique piece of art that blends fashion, art, and animal preservation. Holder’s will also be supporting a greater cause: spreading awareness about the importance of protecting our planet and educating the younger generation about animal preservation through stunning 3D works of art.


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