Deciding Whether to Have Cosmetic Surgery

In recent years, cosmetic procedures have become more accessible to the general public, but that’s not the only reason for their rise in popularity. The last decade has seen advancements in both surgical methods and social media, presenting us with a vast array of filtered, flawless images. Faced with this information, it might be difficult not to feel a certain degree of pressure to look a certain way.

There are numerous reasons for getting cosmetic surgery; primarily it’s about tweaking your personal appearance to add a boost of confidence. If you are considering this for yourself, ensure that you do your research before booking your appointment to protect your health and make sure you are doing it for all the right reasons.

1. Reality Check

The images we see on social media are often seen through a filter and do not accurately represent what we see in real life. In some cases, this can lead to unhealthy comparisons and unrealistic expectations. There’s no right or wrong reason, but doing it to add a boost of self confidence and enhance your natural beauty is healthier than attempting to look “perfect”.

2. Commitment Level

While some surgeries (such as lip filler) can be dissolved, others have a more lasting or even permanent effect, so consider whether this is something you are doing for yourself, or whether you’re simply following a trend. Ultimately it’s our uniqueness that makes us beautiful, rather than attempting to mimic the appearance of celebrities.

3. Check in With Yourself

How we feel about our personal appearance is intrinsically linked to our emotional and mental state. When the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is born out of low self esteem, the issue is clearly more than skin deep. We might temporarily feel better, but unless we address these issues with a professional counselor or therapist, they are likely to resurface.

4. Can You Afford It?

Cosmetic surgery isn’t covered by the majority of health insurance plans – but there may be some exceptions, so check with your insurance provider. Budgeting and saving can help – but beware of getting yourself into debt with credit cards or loans. Avoid having work done by an unqualified surgeon due to a low cost, especially if they attempt to “upsell” by offering procedures you didn’t ask for.

5. How Informed Are You?

To protect your health and to avoid unnatural-looking results, ensure your surgeon is properly qualified to carry out cosmetic surgery. You can also check for board certification and unbiased reviews from former patients.

Finding someone who is properly qualified to do the work is key, and any worthwhile cosmetic surgeon should first give you a proper consultation. In addition to showing you their portfolio of work, this also should cover things like potential side effects and aftercare.

If you feel ready to book yourself in for a consultation, why not get in touch with a company such as The Luxe Room? Based in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, their experienced, friendly teams offer a range of treatments from Microneedling to signature facials.


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