A Change In The Way We Consume Fashion In The 2020s

A Change In The Way We Consume Fashion In The 2020s

About 10 years ago the fashion campaigns around the world were led by women with almost the same profile. But now in the 2020s, the reality has changed – thanks to an exceptional corporate culture, intertwined values and a need for change that is most certainly not going to change again any time soon.

We are becoming savvy to the ideas of fashion and equality, by hiring models of all races and sizes, as well as looking at the need to change things for the better due to the dwindling resources and pollution of the planet. Together, this is causing a revolution.

The fashion industry is a polluting industry, in several ways – and therefore, a real change is needed. Change cannot be based on only one person implementing it. It must be a collective effort in which fashion industry partnerships are required – with other brands, organizations, associations, as well as with the customer base. Unity is vital as well as utilizing technology for good. Better consumption, better materials. People can shop easier now too; thanks to digital innovations, including things such as QR codes and online shopping. You can make qr codes yourself, that is how simple it is to implement better methods.

Changing by 2030

In the past few years, we came to the understanding that if we do not completely change the way we operate, by 2030 we will no longer be able to produce. Now most brands are on a mission to reduce their carbon footprint by this year and also have sustainable items added to the list. Sustainable materials are also a source of interest. When we sustainably resource, the planet benefits and so does the consumer.

Companies may also look at switching to energy from renewable sources, launching new services including renting clothes, and engaging in other campaigns from bigger brands who are leading the way in this revolution. Being part of a bigger community brings a lot of positivity into the mix. By 2030 more and more brands will reach the target of 100% of sustainable materials, including home decor items, and by 2040, who knows!

Consumer contact?

Fashion brands around the world are increasing their focus on direct consumer contact. They want to get closer to the end consumers and offer more channels to buy their products, online or on trade sites such as Amazon. We will continue to see growth in online sales. Pure retailers appear to be struggling, they are currently focusing on changing the perception of their store so that the store will become a meeting place for a great customer experience. Among manufacturers, we are seeing new concepts of entering the market, focusing on operational efficiency and digitalization. An important issue for all players in the fashion industry is of course sustainability, for which consumers develop higher awareness and demand to request comprehensive information. The change is gradual but positives are being seen already. There is time to change things and the fashion industry is one of the industries showing the most promise already for a better, more sustainable tomorrow.


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