Workout Hair Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Hair

Workout Hair Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Hair

Everyone can benefit from physical activity, whether you have a sedentary lifestyle or simply wish to keep fit. Sports also keeps your mind active and engaged. And it doesn’t matter where and how much you prefer to exercise, the most important thing is that you do it regularly.

As for women, hair can cause some annoying problems during a workout. One of the issues you face is collecting your hair so it wouldn’t disturb you when running and exercising. And then you might wonder how to care for it properly after an intensive workout. You might not even realise it, but some things you do with your hair can seriously affect it, even the little ones.

Ponytail for Every Workout

If you feel comfortable collecting your hair into a ponytail, you might notice a ponytail dent after a workout. And this is the place where your hair gets damaged the most. You would harm it even more when you tie your hair back too tight or brush it too aggressively. Due to friction, your hair becomes weaker and can break off.

To avoid dents and friction, try using different materials of your ties. You can also try out bobby pins or headbands. There are various hair products available that prevent damaging your roots and keep your hair gathered.

The Same Hairdo for Every Type of Workout

Probably the most popular hairstyle for exercising is a ponytail. Since you already know that it is necessary to pick proper materials for the ties, there are other things you can try out.

It is recommended to change hairstyles regularly. For example, fans of a high ponytail can try to lower it. Another option is to gather it into a bun. You can also braid your hair or simply keep it loose. If you are feeling disturbed by your long hair, why not shorten it. You can always opt for Scissor Tech UK – professional hairdressing tools and adjust the length which makes you feel most comfortable.

You can combine various hairdos with headbands and bobby pins, too. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair to achieve the most comfortable hairstyle for different workouts. And keep in mind to switch them up occasionally, too.

Not Protecting Your Hair From Sunlight

UV light can severely damage your locks if you often exercise outdoors. Consider getting a hair sunscreen spray or hydrating oils that you can apply to your hair. It will help protect your vibrant hair colour and prevent it from fading.

Touching Your Hair During a Workout

It might be tempting to fix your hairdo every now and then, but try to resist it. Why? By touching your tresses, you stimulate oil production. And having a salty sweat, you can spread it around your hair.

Not Letting Your Hair Loose After a Workout

Whether you plan on washing your hair immediately or the next day, remember to let your hair loose and brush through it with your fingers and a brush. It will help natural oils travel from your scalp to the remaining hair.

Using Dry Shampoo Way Too Often

Dry shampoo is a convenient quick fix for dirty hair. However, not many women know that it has to be applied before your hair gets greasy. Using a dry shampoo after a workout will greatly harm your hair.

Make sure to check the ingredients of your dry shampoo because some of them may have alcohol content. If you mix it with sweat, it can damage roots and dry out your locks.

And if you want to keep using a dry shampoo, apply it onto your root before the workout.

Daily Washing Your Hair

If you exercise daily, washing your hair after every workout can be harmful. To prevent dryness and breakage, you can use dry shampoo, but pay attention to the ingredients.

There are other things you should avoid when washing your hair. When it is wet, it is more prone to getting pulled out and damaged. Remember to gently squeeze the water from your hair instead of aggressively rubbing it. To avoid knots, you might want to brush before letting it dry. Then opt for a comb and slowly comb your hair.

And, lastly, if you decide to wash your hair without shampooing it but only applying a conditioner – it might not be a good idea. Conditioner is helpful when you struggle with detangling your locks, but it is meant to be used on clean hair. So, if you decide to wet your hair – grab a shampoo, too.

Drying Your Hair Without Washing

Just like using dry shampoo is a quick but harmful fix, drying your sweaty hair can also cause some damage. Your sweat has salts that when combined with heat can severely dehydrate your hair.

Choosing Harmful Hair Products

You should choose the products according to your hairstyle. And, of course, if your hair needs treatment, you should opt for suitable products. If you are looking for a moisturising shampoo, try to avoid sulfates in the list of ingredients. The reason for that is that sulfates can remove natural oil from your scalp and hair. Without natural oil, hair becomes dry – and you want to avoid that.

There are also different types of conditioners that you can use. Probably the best one for a post-workout routine can be a rinse-out conditioner because you will not need to wait for it to absorb very long, and it makes your hair soft.

If you decide to order any hair product online, make sure to read the comment section. However, keep in mind that every hair is unique, so some products might not work for you as they work for other people.


There is absolutely nothing that should stop you from doing sports. It is very good for your health and wellbeing. In time you will find your own most comfortable and convenient hairstyles for working out. You might go through trial and error in finding your perfect hairdo, but it will totally be worth it.

And if you try to avoid those harmful habits, you will always have shiny and healthy hair at all times.


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