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Ty Hunter Talks GREEDILOUS and Hyundai Collab

Interview with Ty Hunter

On a recent night in Los Angeles, a group of fashion and entertainment VIPs gathered at StyleNite, a unique event from Hyundai hosted by renowned celebrity stylist Ty Hunter, to celebrate fashion, music, and automotive design.

The event was to debut a new collection of 20 looks by Ty Hunter and GREEDILOUS, created around the theme of the Hyundai’s new 2020 flagship SUV, the Hyundai Palisade.

At the exclusive event, Paris Al-Atraqchi interviewed Ty Hunter about the collection.

Interview with Ty Hunter

Q: Was this your first time working with GREEDILOUS?

This is actually our fifth collaboration.

Q: Wow!
We’ve done three New York Fashion Weeks together. We just did Paris Fashion Week recently, and now this deal with Hyundai.

Q: How did you guys start working together?
I actually went to Concept Korea’s show years ago in New York and I ended up walking. I loved all the fashion that came from Korea and I went backstage to get up close and personal with all the pieces, and I met Youn Hee and we just connected instantly, and we fell in love with each other and that’s how we started working with each other.

Q: What was the biggest challenge of creating a line based around the Hyundai Sonata?

It was actually pretty easy, because Hyundai is a lifestyle brand and I feel like that’s the great thing about it. A lot of people think of Hyundai as simply a car, and that’s what we’re doing now, just helping everybody to understand the lifestyle aspect. And I feel like merging fashion and music and design and the car itself is so sexy and chic.

merging fashion and music and the car itself is so sexy and chic

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Q: What was like your favorite part of the process in doing this line?

I would definitely have to say just the designing. I loved working with Youn Hee. She’s not afraid of fashion and she’s not afraid of color. People take fashion too seriously now. She’s unapologetic, and I feel like this line is for the confident people, who feel good in their skin.

She’s not afraid of fashion and she’s not afraid of color

And that’s what I want, the whole world to get to that place where you don’t care what anybody has to say. You’re just living for you, and being kind of special.

Fashion should not be so serious. I tell everybody to take a social media break sometimes because you find yourself getting a little depressed, or down because you’re comparing yourself to other people.

Q: So true, yes.
It’s okay to take a social media break and just learn to love yourself, learn to be alone, learn to ponder a perfect place for you, and quit worrying about what everybody has to say, because people are going to talk anyway.

Q: I totally agree. You’ve worked with a lot of awesome people.

I’m blessed to do everything I’ve done, and I feel like everything is a stepping stone, and I’m never just satisfied with where I am. I continue to want to grow and grow and grow, but I’m really, really excited and I can say that the Hyundai family and GREEDILOUS are like family and I love the energy.

the Hyundai family and GREEDILOUS are like family and I love the energy

I’m 46 years old, so I’m about making moves that mean a lot to me, and moves that have substance, and moves that are positive, and I feel like this collaboration is a positive move.

Q: Awesome! What other projects are you working on?

Right now, I’m doing mostly this GREEDILOUS collaboration and I’m doing motivational speaking for Soho House.

Q: I can tell you’d be really great at that.
Oh, thank you. I travel with Soho House. I did Ludlow [SoHo House in New York] and I just came from Miami. I did the Miami Soho House.

You know, three years ago, when I kind of stepped away from fashion a little bit, my social media page was very positive. And I would travel the world and people would tell me, “You helped me get through this,” “You kept me from suicide,” “You helped me with my divorce,” “You helped me through all this,” so I just realized that my platform is bigger than me.

I would travel the world and people would tell me how much my social media helped them

I was posting things for myself, and I realized it impacted so many people.

A lot of big clothing lines came to me and wanted to do a collaboration, but I did it with a young mom and pop that I met, called Served Fresh.

I just wanted to help them; I loved their talent. Everything is yellow, black, and white. I make everything yellow on my social media because I want it to be a ray of sun and everything I do is positive. And I feel like whatever you put out, comes back to you.

I want my social media to be a ray of sun

Q: Yes, karma.
I’m a real believer in that and that’s how I’ve been able to stay in this game and this business this long, since 1999, because I feel like it’s easier for me to be a good person and be a humble person than be an asshole.

Q: That’s amazing. Well, you’re doing a great job.
Thank you. Thank you. You’re so pretty.

Q: Thank you!


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