Tre By Natalie Ratabesi Resort 2020 Collection

Tre By Natalie Ratabesi Resort 2020 Collection

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TRE is a visceral labor of love inspired by the designer’s intimate circle of friends and colleagues from her studio in the foothills of LA. It’s a 360° collection, based on what women really want in their closet, from gowns to denim, from a silk blouse to a hoodie. The whole collection is interchangeable. Women are fundamentally emotional creatures, particularly when it comes to style. The designer’s vision is, no matter what the day, the mood or feeling, her creations will always give that confidence and enhance your mood. A wardrobe should reflect the full spectrum of emotions.

Tre By Natalie Ratabesi Resort 2020 Collection

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Every detail in this collection is important. The designer believes that quality is the key, if you offer customers bad quality they won’t come back to you. A collection must be consistent. This is why she chooses the best factories according to the craftsmanship needed. 70% of the collection is made in Italy. With her long experience working for the most influential fashion houses in Italy, Paris and New York, it was important for the designer to have her collection made by the best craftsmen in the world. She had experienced their talent and attention to detail in the past and wanted nothing but the best for her first collection. 30% is made in LA and that is denim. The designer explains that she treats denim like haute couture and considers it as important as embroidery. She was looking for the best craftsmanship, equivalent to what she had experienced in Italy with rest of the collection. She found it in LA, where the attention to each detail is impeccable, from the cut to the wash.


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