Top Tips To Take The Best Engagement Ring Selfie

December is around the corner and it’s the most popular month to become engaged. You want to make that perfect announcement with the perfect photos to show off your new ring.

With our engagement ring selfie tips, you can be sure to announce your engagement in style. Your family and friends will be sharing your excitement in no time at all.

Pamper Your Hands With A Manicure

A manicure can help give an engagement ring selfie a little extra of your personality. Whether a bold choice of nail polish or a more subtle approach, a gorgeous manicure will help make a selfie even more beautiful.

If you don’t have time, or you just can’t wait for a professional manicure, then we suggest hiding your nails. You can hold your significant other’s hand for a more intimate-feeling selfie. You can add moisturizer to make your hands look smoother and more selfie-worthy.

Try Different Angles

If your selfie focus is not capturing the full beauty of your hand and ring, try different angles to capture your special moment.
Try angling your hand to pull more focus onto your ring. Experimenting can help to bring out your ring’s personality. The light may hit it just right to create a gorgeous photo opportunity.

Certain diamond cuts will have different angles that work best to capture their sparkle. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings will show off their iconic hall of mirrors effect from above, while more subtle diamond cuts will shine better from a side angle.

Choose The Right Lighting

No matter your selfie, the proper lighting makes all the difference. Try taking your selfie outdoors to really maximize the reflective properties of your diamond.

Lighting can also add that extra sparkle for a more glamorous engagement ring selfie. It can also make your ring look more expensive. Avoid harsh shadows, as this won’t show your ring’s full glam and will make it feel not very interesting.

Remove Other Jewelry

The last thing you’d want is other jewelry overshadowing your engagement ring, especially if it’s your announcement photo.

We recommend removing all other jewelry to help keep your engagement at the center stage where it belongs. It definitely shouldn’t be in the situation to compete for attention. It deserves to be shown loud and proud!

Pick The Perfect Background

Add a little flare and mystery to your selfie by choosing a background that can get curiosities rising about the proposal.

Whether in front of a famous landmark, at the beach with a sunset, or with another gorgeous setting. You’ll make others jealous with your photogenic engagement ring selfie.

Don’t Zoom, Instead Focus

We’re sure you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your photo. If you use the zoom function on your phone, you’ll be doing that.

Instead, you can capture your ring’s glam by focusing on it. All you need to do is tap the screen on your ring for your phone to focus on it, creating a beautiful and professional selfie to share with others.

No Need To Just Include The Ring

How about taking a ring selfie with your husband-to-be in the background? You can take a selfie with your hand held up to your beaming face.

Either way, your family and friends will be able to see your ring and the excitement on your faces. This selfie will get your family and friends feeling the excitement with you and your significant other.

Grab A Prop

To help your hand with a more natural look, try using a prop to achieve your desired effect. Whether a mug or a book, you can add a lot of personality to your photo.

We love a gorgeous photograph with a glass of bubbly. It adds that celebratory setting to announcing your engagement.

Relax Your Hand

Keep your hand relaxed to create a more natural feel. A stiff hand can look very awkward in photographs and won’t create that look you’re going for.

A stiff hand can also lead to more shaking, creating a more blurry effect in your photo. So it’s essential to stay relaxed to capture that perfect moment.

Stay In the Moment

It’s so easy to copy what you’ve seen online. Quite frantically, it’s a little gimmicky. Why not stay in the moment and capture that excitement and happiness as it’s happening? It’s more authentic and more you!

Take a selfie that can keep your family and friends guessing. Perhaps don’t give them a ring selfie, but a box selfie instead. That’ll get some curiosities growing.

Get Some Help

If you have difficulty taking the perfect ring selfie, ask your significant other to help you. Having your partner in the shot adds to the beauty of an engagement ring photo.

Our favorite is seeing your significant other hold your hand, while also seeing your reaction in the background. It creates a beautiful and authentic shot of your selfie.


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