Will AI Take Over Nail Polish Manicures?

Will AI Take Over Nail Polish Manicures?

You’ve probably read about AI taking over a lot of jobs, but will AI take over nail polish manicures? On the one hand, you like the idea because the pandemic means you’re not keen on face to face services any more.

On the other hand, you know you’d miss your chats with your nail tech like crazy. Whatever your point of view, it looks like AI nail polish manicures are becoming a thing.

Try Before You Buy

Have you used an app to see if a hair colour would suit you before you took the plunge? Well you can do the same with nail polishes too, thanks to AI.
Apps like OPI Nail Studio match your skin tone, nail shape, and more so you can try on shades before you buy. All you need to do is take a photo of your hand and the app will suggest nail polish shades that match your skin tone. Not only that, it suggests the perfect shades for any occasion and allows you to share your birthday ‘must have’ nail polish wish list. Try this app and you might just decide that AI nail polish manicures are the way forward!

Get Recommendations for Your Next Nail Colour

Not only will the OPI app show you your perfect nail polish match, it also shows you the latest trending shades. It updates every month, so your mani will never go out of fashion.

Self-Service Ordering Stations

Imagine a day when you go into a nail salon and order your perfect nail polish from a self-service kiosk. Say you wanted to choose a long-lasting perfect red shade for a glam birthday party. What if a machine could dispense your perfect match at the touch of a few buttons? That might not be so far off. The technology that could allow you to do just that is developing at pace. Self-service kiosks are already available in restaurants. Amazon opened its first completely automated Grocery store, Amazon Go, in the UK earlier this year.

Customers sign into the Amazon Go app when they enter the store. AI sensors then detect when they put something in their basket. Their account is charged when they leave the store.

AI Manicures: They’re already happening

If you think that AI nail polish manicures won’t be happening in your lifetime, think again. Companies like the Israeli start-up Nimble and the US firm, Clockwork have made them a reality.

Nimble has created a ‘manicure robot.’ You put your fingers under the device, just as you do when you cure your gel nail polish. Then a tiny robot arm applies a base coat, two coats of polish and a top coat. The set comes with three nail polish capsules and there’s also an accompanying app. The device uses mini cameras with 3D image processing capability to assess the size, shape, and curve of your nails. Genius stuff.

Clockwork has set up a pop-up space in San Francisco where you can get an AI manicure for $8. Has the future of manicures arrived?

AI is becoming a more important part of our lives. However, will we enjoy the convenience of an AI manicure on demand over our pampering visits to the salon? Will we want a 10-minute AI manicure instead of a leisurely chat and hand massage with our favourite nail tech? We reckon the jury is still out.


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