Things You Can Do with a Fashion Degree

Things You Can Do with a Fashion Degree

Whether you love working with fabric, enjoy designer handbags, or just love clothing in general, you likely follow Fashion Week each year. If you like to dress to impress, you may be considering getting your degree in fashion. Luckily, you have a range of options for specialization, whether that’s merchandising, design, or PR. Earning a degree in fashion can open the door to a range of exciting careers.

Preparing for School

It’s exciting to attend a new school and get settled into your studies. Still, it is best to do some preparation work first. That includes gaining knowledge to make the most of your course. And having the right attitude is equally critical. The best applicants have already gotten to know the college and program, allowing them to get through orientation. Another critical aspect of preparing for your education is determining how you will pay for it. Scholarships and grants only go so far, and you’ll want to find a way of covering the difference. Taking out student loans is an excellent choice since it lets you focus on your studies instead of working part-time in school. 

Pursuing a Career in Fashion Design

This is one of the top careers those studying fashion choose. It involves producing and designing products and garments. However, if you want to go this route, you’ll need to pick one of the top schools, so your degree is respected. Still, no matter where you start, you’ll likely begin by working as an assistant. As your skills grow, you can usually take on more responsibility, like producing your own creations. On the other hand, if you are a natural leader and have entrepreneurial skills, you could open your own design business. If you want to be an entrepreneur, consider working with an established organization first. That way, you’ll gain critical experience before you go it on your own. Some students find getting a post-graduate degree is helpful as well.

Fashion Merchandising and Buying

These careers depend on you staying updated on new trends before they are worn. It might not sound that difficult, but each one requires more than that. For instance, if you go into fashion buying, you’ll need to purchase and source products to appeal to the business’s clients. If you want something a bit more business-oriented, you could pick fashion merchandising. The central part of the job is to calculate the amount customers might spend on specific products. That way, the company can place the right items in the right store.

Fashion merchandising and buying are both critical jobs for retail. You could work with online retailers, department stores, or smaller boutiques. If you want to forecast the latest trends and know what might sell, the job may be for you. After graduation, to boost your employability, consider gaining knowledge in designer trends and markets and starting a relevant blog to demonstrate that knowledge. You’ll likely want to look into internships in areas like marketing, buying, or merchandising. Retail experience is also a plus.


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