4 Things To Know About Argyle Pink Diamonds

4 Things To Know About Argyle Pink Diamonds

Astaple in jewelry collections everywhere, the strength and beauty of diamonds have cemented this stone’s place as one of the world’s most popular gems. An estimated 142 million carats of diamonds were produced globally in 2019 in order to keep up with consumer demand.

For those wanting to add a non-traditional piece to their collection, Argyle Pink Diamonds are a great option to consider. Renowned for their stunning natural color, pink diamonds can make any piece stand out from the crowd. The Daria-i-Noor is perhaps the most famous pink diamond—weighing in at 186 carats and currently stored in the central vaults of Iran—however, there are many consumer-friendly options available.

If you’re considering purchasing a pink diamond, here are some things you should know:

1. They are extremely rare

Unlike the relatively common white diamond, pink diamonds can be found in only a select few mines worldwide. The Argyle mine in Australia is perhaps the most famous of all pink diamond mines, and for good reason. Although approximately one in a million diamonds produced elsewhere may be naturally pink, a whopping one tenth of diamonds from the Argyle mine display this coloring. Even there, however, for every million carats of pink diamond produced, only one carat will typically be a high-quality color.

Thanks to their unusually deep pink coloring, the diamonds mined there have been among the most coveted in the world for use in diamond jewellery and as investment pieces.

Unfortunately, the Argyle mine has reached the end of its viable production lifespan, and has ceased operation. That means that pink stones are expected to become even more rare in the coming years. As this mine previously supplied more than 90% of the world’s pink diamonds—as well as many other colors—global diamond production is expected to drop by 10% thanks to its closure.

The largest pink diamond ever produced in Australia was 8.01 carats. This stone was dubbed the Jubilee diamond and was donated to Museums Victoria by mine owners Rio Tinto.

2. They’re a popular investment choice

In addition to being a desirable jewelry choice, Argyle diamonds are becoming a popular investment option among those looking to diversify their portfolios.

Sydney diamond broker Anna Cisecki expects pink diamond prices to continue to rise after the Argyle mine closure. Cisecki reports that pink diamonds have out-performed most traditional assets over the past 10 to 15 years, including the stock market, precious metals, and property, which has made them a popular choice for investors.

Argyle pink diamonds in particular are a popular choice due to their rich color and prestigious origin. Investment stones can be purchased starting from around AUD$20,000, and a single carat of high-quality pink diamond could attract up to AUD$3 million.

Smaller stones in pleasing light pinks are an accessible option for everyday buyers looking for a non-traditional engagement ring. These are a bit more attainably priced, starting at around a few thousand dollars.

3. They have an unusual structure

Diamond structures consist of carbon atoms arranged in pyramid-like shapes. Most naturally occurring color in diamonds is caused by trace chemical elements such as nitrogen, sulfur, and boron interacting with these atoms during the diamond’s development.

Interestingly, these trace elements have never been found in pink diamonds. Instead, the color in pink stones is caused by intense heat and pressure distorting the diamond’s crystal lattice after its original formation. Argyle pink diamonds boast densely packed graining planes compared to diamonds from other mines, which accounts for the famous deep-pink coloring.

Although there are many diamond color treatment options available, the clarity and beauty of naturally formed Argyle pink diamonds cannot be replicated.

4. They go on tour

Thanks to their huge popularity, Argyle pink diamonds travel to several cities annually, where potential buyers can view and bid on them. As many as 60 individual pieces take part in the tour between June and September, and are then sold at the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender once all the bids have been placed. This event is considered by some to be the most exclusive diamond sale in the world; pricing is secretive at these events, with only the successful buyer knowing the final price.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re fascinated by exotic jewels, looking for a diverse investment option for your portfolio, or simply love the color, pink diamonds might be for you.

If you’re purchasing a pink stone, consider setting it in a rose gold band to really bring out its natural beauty, and ensure Argyle pink diamonds are at the top of your list.


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