Important Things You Must Know When Buying A Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

Mark a Milestone in Your Relationship with a Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

An engagement is a promise for a step into the future together. People have always sought ways to make it a memorable event. Events are planned to create a perfect situation for a man to go down on his knee and ask his lady love to marry him. The most important element in this has always been the Engagement ring.

The ring has varied from a classic diamond to a less traditional one. Though today, the word has been put on hold due to lockdowns and restrictions, there is no hold on couples proposing to each other even during these uncertain times. People have started looking out for bolder and non-traditional ways than ever to propose.

At the same time, the style of the rings has gotten more non-traditional. Choices now vary from ordinary classics to stones in every color, shape, and size. At Philophrosyne, couples can find more unique and non-traditional engagement rings that can fit the unique taste of their partners. The ordinary-looking diamond ring is being replaced by rings of different designs with precious or semi-precious stones. There is now a surge for many beautiful, colorful and non-traditional engagement rings which definitely has its positive side.

However, choosing the right one for your partner can be a bit confusing. You want to make sure that the right ring reflects your partner’s personal style and taste. When choosing an alternative to diamond, the more nontraditional precious stones of color that come to mind are sapphires, rubies, and so on. At the same time semi-precious stones like quartz, opal, moonstone have picked up their pace as being popular choices of many people. Synthetic options like lab-created stones offer the same beauty and are affordable to every budget.

Why More Millenials are Ditching the Conventional Diamond Rings

Today more and more young people are more aware of how society works and they try to follow more ethical ways of compliance. They ditch the traditional methods which were made with no relevant logic. The same goes for the diamond engagement rings. Younger couples are opting for non-traditional precious and semi-precious stones. They accept it as a better form of signifying their commitment. They prefer to stand out as unique than blend in as common. They rebel against the heavy marketing tactics used by the Diamond industry to put such a high price on their declaration of love.

Also as people get more conscious of the unethical production of diamonds, they value more unique products. An ethical awakening has made them diverge from the previous generation towards a more value-conscious one. Also, they have other factors that they take into consideration.

Though the traditional diamond ring is marketed as the sole way of declaring undying love, couples today have more ways to establish this trust in their relationship. They do not depend on diamond rings which will cost them a fortune but prefer a more budget-friendly non-traditional ring that will mark their relationship as unique. They prefer to start a life with fewer credit debts than with a diamond ring. They prefer experiences more than materialistic symbols with their loved ones like a good vacation or concerts.

They also view relationships as a partnership wherein both sides will put in efforts to make it last longer. They do not believe in burdening one with the high costs of a ring and work together as a team that understands the value through other methods.

Which Stone is a Good Alternative to Traditional Diamond Rings

We have always known Diamonds as the most classic symbol of long-lasting commitment and love. They are traditionally the most obvious choice for many. Albeit, their radiance and longevity people are now choosing more non-traditional stones as their romantic symbolism.

When considering a stone there are certain aspects to keep in mind. As the ring will be worn every day, sometimes even when people are doing their normal chores like doing laundry or gardening, it’s important to make sure that it has durability. So make sure that when you are choosing other stones, that they can withstand daily wear and tear and still look beautiful for a long time. Take your time to research the different stones and how they will fit the lifestyle of you and your partner when you wear them every day without damaging the ring.

Take into consideration, not just the daily chores but also work and another lifestyle. If your work requires you to use your hands more than fragile stones like pearls etc should be avoided. The same goes if you and your partner are frequent to the gym. Look for stones that have elements that make them hard, durable, and scratch-resistant.

Other Important Things to Consider When Buying a Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

Even if you have decided on the stones and their durability to suit your lifestyle, the sheer choice of options available will get your head whirling. We have listed some helpful tips that will make your decision easier.

Not Everyone Wants A Diamond Ring

Times have changed and so have the taste and choice of people. Gone are the days when diamonds were the best friends of every girl. Women today are more aware of their personal taste and uniqueness. More and more celebrities have flashed non-traditional engagement rings by flaunting an emerald, sapphire, or ruby. Learn your partner’s choice and step out of the monotonous rut. Surprise them with a ring that is unique and reflects their character and personality. Not only is it a more budget-friendly option but your beloved will be happy to see the effort taken to find something that is more expressive of persona.

Make A Budget

Everyone wants to give an engagement ring that is the most beautiful and unique one that their partner has ever seen. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to break your bank and add to financial constraints for a long time. By making a budget you can figure out how much you can afford to spend on a ring. There are many online platforms that give you the option to buy non-traditional rings with stones and beautiful asymmetrical designs to view and sort as per your budget. By spending the right amount you will feel comfortable buying it without losing months of salary which you might be tempted to do. It is however not a good idea to start a new commitment and journey with a high pile of debt. There are many options available now which will easily fit your budget but display the same quality and durability as an expensive one.

Your To-Be’s Lifestyle

This should be kept in mind always. Your partner’s lifestyle factors will make sure you choose a ring that they can wear at all times. Keep their unique taste in mind. By asking them their favorite colors and style you can get a better idea of what they like. You might like a beautiful sapphire but if your partner dislikes the color blue and prefers more crimson then chances are they might not want to wear it at all times. Also, not all people like bulky rings. If your partner likes to use their hands at work or is in a job that requires them to use their hands a lot, a bulky ring will be a hindrance. They might have to remove it every time to be able to function normally. A quick chat with your partner’s friends or family members too can help you understand their taste and lifestyle needs.

The Seriousness of The Relationship

This might be awkward for you but it is important to understand where you stand in your relationship. If the engagement ring is more for letting your partner know you are ready for marriage or just a form of cementing a current relationship status. By discussing this and understanding where your partner stands in the relationship you will be more confident in buying the right ring. If you are looking at a long-term commitment and go ahead and buy a ring with that in mind but your partner could be having other ideas or may not be ready for a serious step. You can also keep the surprises going on by choosing different rings. You can consider proposing with one ring and then go ahead and custom design a more vintage ring once you have received a yes from your partner.

Ring Size

Take into consideration the ring size of your partner as not all rings can fit the wearer. You may have to resize it by cutting it to make it smaller or adding more metal to make it larger. If you are considering a ring with gems wrapped around it or engraving then this will be hard and may also spoil the visual appearance of the ring. You can easily sneak into your partner’s jewelry to check the right size so that you don’t have to worry about resizing from the beginning. One benefit from more non-traditional designed rings is that they are available in shapes that are universal and can easily be pressed together to resize them.

Check The Quality of The Ring

If you are looking to be more unique in your expression of love with a non-traditional ring then you must make sure you evaluate all the qualities to ascertain you are getting one that is good. More color precious and semi-precious stones can provide the same sparkle that you get in a traditional diamond ring. Look for clarity of the stones too. Also, take into consideration the metal part of the ring. Not everything that glitters is gold. Look for options that best suit your partner. Though not too common, quite a few people are allergic to some metals. More beautiful metals like rose gold and silver are now becoming a popular choice and ditching the traditional gold ones. If you have a higher budget, you can opt for platinum for its beautiful silvery-white glare. It is hypoallergenic and has the right hardness to face wear and tear.

After-Sales and Insurance

Once you have decided on the ring of your choice, take into consideration the sales tax you will need to pay. In many countries, an engagement ring has a heavy tax attached to it. The best way to avoid this is to buy a ring online. Online ring merchants do not have a physical location and most of them do not have to bear sales tax. In return for that, you too do not have any taxes to pay. Apart from these wonderful cost-saving options, shopping online can give you a plethora of choices to look at for non-traditional rings other than the rigid choices you will find at your local jeweler. Many online platforms also provide a certificate of guarantee so that you know the ing is safe and has originality. If you have invested a bit higher then it’s also safe to get the ring insured. This will avoid any nasty experience in case the ring is lost or stolen. However, you should also keep in mind the security of your data when shopping online. It is worth using a Chrome addon VPN to hide your personal information, so the online store can not accumulate your data. Moreover, if they are hacked, or if the store sells the information to advertising agencies, you will be safe.

Make Your Love Story Different

Every person dreams of their love story to be the most romantic one. This will be a tale that will be shared with your generations. While a traditional ring will be a normal element in your story, you can add more touch of romanticism to it by getting a non-traditional ring. With a little extra thought and style, you will be adding a beautiful love-filled symbol of your unity with your partner. By replacing the regular plain or engraved engagement ring with a non-traditional one that can incorporate unique design and stones, you can add an affectionate message to your beloved.

Non-traditional rings provide a unique style and break the conventional grid. It adds an element of surprise to how you proposed and what was the thought you put behind it. As we progress towards more modern times, more women prefer nontraditional rings as the whole facade of diamond rings only is now just as they represent their relationship how they like it to be rather than the norms dictated by conventional social rules.


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