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The Science of Being Beautiful: Dr. Rahma Targett And Her Keen Eye for Aesthetics

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Loving Your Skin and Self

Fashion Week might be over, but the biggest fashion show on earth is now starting to make a buzz, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. When it comes to Victoria’s Secret Angels, aside from being fit and charming, the “Angel’s glow” has become their trademark. So, what does it take to have a healthy glow like the Angels?

Australian cosmetic physician Dr. Rahma Targett of Advanced Cosmetic Medicine said, “Skin is the first line of our defence; its function is to protect our body from outside stimuli, and sadly, we often forget that our job is to keep it healthy. Taking care of our skin is not a one-stop-shop; it takes time and even just a little TLC from our busy lives.”

I agree one hundred per cent. We must treat skin care like our love for makeup and fashion trends; every season we anticipate the upcoming fashion trends. Is the hot pink lipstick in or out? Don’t we all want to be relevant and look gorgeous? I’d be lying if I said no.

The Instagram hype since October 2010 has made everyone want to be selfie-ready or picture-perfect with hashtags like #nofilterneeded, or captions like “I woke up like this.” That is why Dr. Targett advised that we truly have to understand the concept of confident beautiful.

In her practice, Dr. Targett assesses her client’s well-being before doing any aesthetic treatments. She believes that beauty must radiate from the inside; it is something we cannot put a mask on. After all, what is the essence of having a gorgeous face when the inside is gloomy and unloved by you?

beauty must radiate from the inside

I believe that’s the secret behind the Victoria’s Secret Angels enchanting and healthy glow — the contentment of being who they are supported by taking care of their physical beauty.

Luckily, South Australians have Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, the favorite go-to of South Australians: from high profile celebrities to local bloggers, from executives to metropolitan men, from too busy moms to teenagers, and even posh tourists!

Let’s get to know the woman behind the beautiful faces of South Australians, very well-known for her aesthetic and cosmetic skills, perfected by her keen eye and the artistic talents of a sculptor, and most importantly, her genuinely love of her clients.

Dr. Targett is a member of The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia and The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Her cosmetic clinic, Advanced Cosmetic Medicine is located at 55/55 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide in South Australia.

Q: What inspired you to pursue cosmetic medicine?

I started my career as a Deputy Chief Medical Officer in the United Nations and also worked with different international humanitarian causes. My husband Chris and I were living in a nomadic lifestyle, but when our family was growing with our two kids, we decided to settle back in Australia, and I continued working with humanitarian causes.

I started my career as a Deputy Chief Medical Officer in the United Nations

What inspired me to pursue cosmetic medicine? I love the challenge, and I wanted to stimulate my artistic side and combine it with my right brain. Beauty enhancement without surgery is now widely accepted, and I’d like to remind everyone that you should go to medically regulated clinics, most especially with injectable treatments.

Q: It is undeniable your clients love you. What’s your favorite part of this business?

I like helping clients in a different level inside and out boosting their confidence. It feels good when my clients walk out of my office satisfied with their desired, but guided looks, and feeling happy and beautiful.

Q: What makes ACM brand successful?

We do a wide variety of treatments, and we give attention to details in planning and tailoring each treatment specific to the client’s needs.

Sometimes, I incorporate injectables and laser treatments together, but again, every client has different skin needs. They may or may not be a good candidate for injectables, so I take the time to get to know my clients and their perspectives.

Q: Any beauty regimen advice?

It’s good to start taking care of your skin early. Always use a good cleanser, moisturizer and a sunscreen.


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