Summer Style Tips for Men: Pre-Men’s Fashion Week Report

Pre-Men’s Fashion Week Report

The four big men’s fashion weeks are right around the corner. That – and the ever-longer days — mean summer is practically here.

While most women will watch the trends — and imitate what they see on the runways — most men have to go back to some form of “the classics” to achieve both elegance and rawness at the same time. Having to wear the same kinds of clothes every time really makes it harder for men to stand out from every other man in the crowd.

Getting the Manly Stance for Summer

“To achieve the nonchalance, which is absolutely necessary for a man, one article, at least, must not match,” wrote Hardy Amies, author of several books on men’s style. Other than skin care (something like LifeCell Anti Aging Cream) look sharp and well put together — without looking too made up — by following these top tips:

1. Build your confidence. Unlike women, most men are confined to a finite set of the same old shirts, tees, pants and, occasionally, shorts. What divides the men from the boys is confidence. You have to learn to trust yourself first. Look inside you to determine who you are and who you want to become. That’s what you portray. That will help you determine your choice of clothes: whether your wardrobe needs a more athletic, outgoing, boy-next-door look, or a prestige look.

2. Let your lifestyle determine what you should wear. If you spend most of your time on Wall Street, then you need to be in well-tailored suit. When choosing your top looks for a summer outing, you need to relax, but stay clean cut and sharp. On the other hand, if you are a fitness trainer or athlete by profession, you need more casual outfits, but you don’t always have to be in your jogging pants.

3. Dress for the occasion. Don’t stop there. Take it up a notch. Remember what Amies said about “one article at least” not matching? Make up your mind what that article is going to be, but please don’t wear a Mickey Mouse printed necktie to a friend’s wedding. (Unless they’re raving Disney fans, of course.)

4. Get a haircut. A great haircut is one of the simplest ways to knock out every summer look. Whether your style is rugged or clean cut, make sure that your haircut matches your personality. In any case, make sure that your hair is well groomed. It should be clean and smell nice, and as for your scalp — it’s important that it’s free from dandruff. Having flakes there is one of the worst ways you to spoil your flair. If you’ve got some hair loss (no big deal, in our book) you can try some natural shampoos to prevent hair loss or even try to regrow hair naturally (one such service is, with a plethora of solutions available in the marketplace. But don’t let hair loss bog you down; see rule #1. Confidence and happiness are king!

don’t let hair loss bog you down; see rule #1

5. Know how to accessorize. Believe it or not, accessories aren’t just made for women. Choosing the right men’s accessories will help you get a more complete wardrobe. The best advice: always buy and use authentic men’s accessories. Women can get away with inexpensive accessories but, men, in general, cannot. Invest in basic pieces. That will include a genuine leather wallet, an expensive automatic timepiece, a pair of high quality sunglasses, and a leather traveling bag for those weekends out in the resort. Your best accessory, eventually, will be the car that you drive.

6. Be selective with your soles. Shoes deserve very special attention. You have to know when to use comfortable shoes and when to ramp up your styling. In general, when you are wearing leather shoes, make sure that they’re genuine. For your athletic gear, make sure you have the right pair to go with the kind of activity that you’ll be doing. Also, learn about summer-friendly footwear. Instead of flip-flops or sandals, for example, try espadrilles.

Instead of sandals, try espadrilles

7. Take better care of your skin and your body. Improving your physique and your posture are great ways to man up your style. Knowing the proper way to shave and learning about sunscreen are the two best places to start improving your skin health. Remember this: your skin and your body are your best accessories.

See you at men’s fashion week!


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