PH5 Fall 2019 at New York Fashion Week

PH5 Fall 2019


Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, the PH5 Fall 2019 collection takes a whimsical approach into merging two opposing ideas: fantasy versus reality, retro versus future. After ‘falling’ down the rabbit hole, models and dancers were suspended in a dreamlike state — bringing to life Carroll’s wondrous world and hand-painting white roses red…

Dancers in shear wool pleats floated across the room, while a new romantic belle-sleeved dress in Japanese lurex provided a more practical yet playful update to the brand’s metallic group.


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Graphic mod details trim dresses, separates and suiting, evoking a retro sensibility even though technicians and coding provide the foundation for each of PH5’s 3D knit design.


When thinking of coding, knitwear is not necessarily the first thing that springs to mind. For Mijia Zhang and Wei Lin, the designers and founders of the contemporary knitwear brand PH5, computer programming is key to their intricate patterns and innovative treatment of yarns. Slick and structured, the silhouette hinge upon architectural forms executed in sophisticated, elaborate textiles. Since launching PH5 in 2014, femininity acquires a different meaning for the brand: vibrant colors mix with graphic shapes and commanding futuristic touches that flirt with androgyny. From their home base in New York, PH5 question the traditional perception of knitwear, entering an unlimited playground for experimentation with forms, materials and highly advanced techniques.


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