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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018

Paris Fashion Week Dates

It rained. I was cold. My iPhone even died (as in, permanently), as I stepped off the plane at Charles de Gaulle.

And yet, even as we head into Summer, with Paris not due to start until September, we’re already looking forward to Paris Fashion Week.

I’ve even reserved my room at Le Narcisse Blanc, which will mean walking to shows at the Grand Palais … as opposed as to catching a cab like last time (with no phone to Uber, remember) only to realize I’ve forgotten my wallet back at the hotel, which means taking the cab back to the hotel, only to miss the show completely. Good times.

There were so many great shows last season — from DROMe to Manish Arora — not to mention show stoppers like Chanel. Fashion week may, indeed, be “brutal” (as a friend recently said to me; I immediately thought, “yes, that’s the word — brutal!”); but if you love beauty and art, especially in hallowed halls like those in Paris — there’s still nothing else like it.

The dates for Paris Fashion Week Spring / Fall 2018 are set for September 26 – October 3, 2017.

We’ll keep you posted with more news as we get close to the dates.

Have a beautiful summer.


(Image: Manish Arora)

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