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Interview with DROMe’s Marianna Rosati | Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017

(Video: Wappato Media House)

Interview with DROMe’s Marianna Rosati

Although we take it rather for granted, leather is perhaps fashion’s most intimate and sacred material. There are master leather workers out there — on the menswear front, names like Maurizio Amadei and Simone Cecchetto come to mind — as people who are able to give a naturally intransigent material an almost liquid life. In a more color-forward vein, another is Marianna Rosati, of DROMe: hailed by everyone from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar.

With her father, Ferrero Rosati — who created leather products for Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Jil Sander, and Céline — DROMe is doing new things with the medium, including blouses and summer shorts. (You can see some of the current selection at LuisaViaRoma and FarFetch.)

On a rainy day during Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017, Wappato Media House and FWO went backstage to interview Marianna and learn more about DROMe. Thanks to Eef Vicca of Factory PR for the bringing it together.

The Looks

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Interview with Marianna Rosati

Interview by Simon Pax McDowell / Wappato Media House
Produced by Mike Chaney
Shot by Dickhan Ho and Jeanne Bonnet

Q: What does “DROMe” mean, and why did you choose the name?

DROMe is a word that means many things, but mainly in the Scandinavian languages it means dream. In nomadic languages, it means a song nomads sing while they’re traveling. So for me, the dream and the journey together have quite a strong meaning.

the dream and the journey together have a strong meaning.

Q: What can we expect to see today? What was the inspiration?

This is about deconstruction; it’s about cutting and pasting simple dresses together to create a layered silhouette. I took elements from another dress, or elements from a skirt, or elements from a top to create a more constructed but deconstructed item.

I played with volumes and with fluidity, with silk that really melts together with very soft leather … contrasted with very strong material, to create this kind of contrast between a very feminine woman and a very determined, masculine woman, too.

A contrast between a very feminine woman and a very determined, masculine woman, too.

Olivia Palermo at DROMe, Paris Fashion Week
Olivia Palermo at DROMe, Paris Fashion Week


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