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Midnight in the Garden: Michael Costello Takes NYFW and Launches ShopCostello.com

Story with Melanie Sutrathada

Interview with Michael Costello at NYFW

Q: My favorite designer, Michael Costello; my buddy. How are you?

So good to see you! It doesn’t feel like Fashion Week until you come.

Q: Well, of course I always bring in Fashion Week for everyone. So tell me about this collection.

It’s magical, really. There is magic in the “Midnight Botanical Garden Bash.”

magic in the midnight botanical garden bash …

You can sometimes get bashed for florals in the spring, as not innovative. But you know, this is a darker side of springtime. This is a darker woman who loves to get dirty in the garden. It’s like you’re seeing a flower bloom, and the garden bloom architecture in the dresses. We wanted to captivate you and grab your attention, so you see the story unfold like a flower.

This is a darker side of springtime.

Q: So does it go from dark to light?

It does. You know I always go back to black every — like Amy Winehouse.

So we start out in a really beautiful color. It’s like these beautiful plum, slightly pomegranate colors. It’s really juicy, really tasty. Makes you want to bite into it, the color is so beautiful. And then we see this explosion of beautiful prints and florals, and we have an incredible men’s look in the show, too. Tyson’s back; he’s returned to the runway.

Makes you want to bite into it.

Q: I saw you on Instagram with him.

Yeah, he’s my buddy, so we had our fitting the other night. And I literally had to cut the pants on his body. I was this close to his body hitting it.

Q: Oh, it’s rough.

Let me just tell you my job is difficult.

Q: I’m so proud of you because you opened your first Michael Costello store!

I did. 1538, North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, California.

Q: I mean this is huge news!

This is huge. This is such a big part of what I’ve been wanting to give back to everyone for so long.

Q: And such a new designer, wow.

We just never felt we were ready. But a really good friend of mine, Rosa, said to me, “When are you ever ready?” And I said “You know what? You just sparked the fire, and I’m going to do it. Let’s just do it.”

Q: People like Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, they’re ready to wear your designs. So I think everyone else in the world is ready, for sure.


Q: Is the stuff we’re going to see today going to be in the store?


Q: …and available online?

Give me about 7-10 business days and we’ll get it done.

Q: Wow. That’s amazing! And people get it online, too, after the show?

They can, for sure.

They can buy the new collection at shopcostello.com.

Q: That’s huge.


Q: Okay, well, we’re going to do that. Thank you so much Michael.


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