Street Style Influencer @wanderwithmacy Shares Content Secrets & How COVID-19 Has Impacted Her Brand

Interview with Macy Mariano (@wanderwithmacy)

The world of social media has now been heightened more than ever before. Staying indoors has become the new norm for the world and adjusting to it has been hard for many people. Audiences all over the world have turned to their fellow influencers now more than ever for inspiration, style, positivity, and trends that have been set for the new normality.

For influencers and other creators, it seems that everyone is extremely engaged online; which could be a saving grace. However, could it be really?

Digital creator and style influencer, Macy Mariano (@wanderwithmacy) shares with us what she has undergone with her experience regarding the pandemic and secrets to make eye catching content amid COVID-19.

Q: How long have you been an influencer and what made you get started?

I have been an influencer for 3 years and counting! I got started as an aspiring model, when no agencies would represent me. So then decided to venture out and create my own content and shoots. The rest is history!

Q: Your feed is amazing! What would you say has changed with your content from before?

I have to definitely switch it up to adapt to the new normal. I used to never take any mirror pictures or selfies, but now I have been doing a couple those a week and posting. Seems that my audience really likes them! I also used to take ALL of my pictures outside in a cool urban area. I never used to do indoor content!

Q: Have you found and setbacks during this critical time? If so, what are they?

Yes, for sure. I have had 3-4 partnerships cancelled or put on pause because of the times we are in. Shipping has become slower to receive any packages for collaborations. I have had to drastically lower my rates to accommodate brands for any partnerships whatsoever. So overall, it’s been just an adaptable process while at the same time, figuring out how to keep going.

Q: What would you say your top three must haves for creating indoor content?

A tall floor mirror, pampas grass, and a cool pair of sneakers. ☺

Q: Anything new that you have done during the pandemic?

Back in March, right on the cusp of when the pandemic was about to happen, I moved into a new space. I have been busy for the past two months doing home décor! So, decided to make a new IG account called @macysnook since I received such great feedback! I have been working on home décor content while on top of that creating my usual. I also made a brand list for veteran or aspiring influencers to help get them started, which can be found on my website!

Q: Shoe or bag person? And Why? Just because!

Oh honey, definitely a shoe gal. ☺

Q: As an influencer, what steps have you taken to further your partnerships?

I have been doing brand outreach every day. I never wait for people to reach out to me. Time is money so I have been dedicating my morning to researching and finding new brands that fit my lifestyle and aesthetic!


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