Interview with Emerging Talents Milan

Interview with Russ Ev and Tariel Bisharyan

Emerging Talents is ready to present the latest edition of their Spring/Summer 2020 fashion show and presentation in Milan, which will bring together several outstanding international fashion brands –- this time, under the roof of the famous Palazzo Visconti, a central Milanese fashion venue.

The Spring/Summer 2020 mission is to showcase and celebrate young, tenacious designers whose work breathes innovation, in sleek surroundings of heritage-infused ballroom halls. The selection criteria are uniqueness of design, original concept, quality of craftsmanship, and innovative approach to materials — while simultaneously embracing a romance with traditions.

Emerging Talents Milan

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FWO had chance to speak with Emerging Talents co-founders Russ Ev and Tariel Bisharyan.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of Emerging Talents Milan?

Russ: Well, there were several platforms dedicated to emerging designers. I did a couple of events here in Milan and LA, but it was one-time thing.

When I met Tariel, he was also organizing fashion presentations for his clients, and he already had his own showroom. We decided to join forces and offer emerging designers a “full service” experience that included a showroom and press office.

We started with small presentations. Now we have two shows during Milan Fashion Week in the most prestigious locations, followed by an accessories/beauty trade show. Honestly, we were so busy during the last three years, we did not have time to compare ourselves to anyone else. We had a vision and we were following it.

we were so busy, we didn’t have time to compare ourselves to anyone else

Tariel: There are always some projects designed for new brands, but Emerging Talents is not just a fashion show or presentation organization. We give full business consultation, and we also follow up the growth of the brand after the shows. Our idea is to have a long-term collaboration; we are doing a lot of editorials shoots, sometimes coming months after the events.

we are doing a lot of editorials shoots

Q: What strategies helped — and still help — you achieve the high levels of success you’ve enjoyed?

Russ: I think we have always been on the same page, sharing the same vision, ideas, and cultural values.

We are both good at what we do. As I have been working in PR for more than 10 years, obviously I took on that role. Tariel is responsible for the commercial division.

We trust each other, and it makes the business environment very healthy. Moreover, initially, we both had separate activities, and did not expect immediate turnover. We managed to pull off excellent presentations during Milan Fashion Week with no budgets, receiving a lot of support from people who really saw how passionate we were about the projects.

We managed to pull off excellent presentations with no budgets

Tariel: I believe our success comes from strong business ethics and values we share.

Russ and I are always transparent: not only with each other, but also with our clients and partners.

With each designer, we work with the made-to-measure philosophy. We study each brand carefully, analyze their business activity, and only then do we generate and implement the best marketing strategy.

we work with the made-to-measure philosophy

That is why at Emerging Talents we do not take dozens of designers. On average we receive 60-100 applications each season, but we select a maximum of 10.

Q: What makes Emerging Talents Milan unique?

Russ: It is not just a platform for emerging designers. This is a community of like-minded people, who do not trying to compete with each other, but support.

Our designers come from parts of the world: China, Russia, Thailand, Italy, France, UAE, Brazil, USA, etc.

They are not just showcasing their collections on the same stage, they are building up bridges between their countries, creating new collaborations and expanding they network.

Tariel: As Russ well noted, our project is very international.

So far we have worked with more than 60 designers from 17 countries.

Without a doubt, we are the most international creative platform in Milan. We give a chance for designers from all over the world to have a professional fashion show during Milan Fashion Week.

we are the most international creative platform in Milan

That is why we have the best industry specialists amongst our team and partners, such as Head of MU Valeria Orlando, Head Stylist Michele Bagnara.

Q: Where do you want to go next? What’s the ultimate goal to achieve?

Russ: We have so many ideas. We come up at least with one or two each week.

We have just launched a series of pop up stores and charity sales this August, bringing our designers to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

We are planning to “export” this project to Middle East, Asia, Latin America. There are no limits to what you can achieve, as long as you really love what you do.

When you love what you do, where are no limits

Tariel: Our team is very result-oriented, and our aim is to make Emerging Talents Milan one of the world’s leading platforms promoting talented fashion professionals: not only the designers, but also stylists, photographs, makeup artists etc.

They are the future of the industry, and promoting them gives us tremendous satisfaction.


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