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Interview with Each Other Fall Winter 2019 Paris Fashion Week

Each Other Fall Winter 2019 Collection

Represented by Purple PR.

It is only when our hearts stop, that our minds cease to exist, in a world that moves, to bring us closer to each other.”

These are the words model and musician Lorelle Rayner (@lorellerayner) wrote in her poem dedicated to Each Other. Moved by these words, the brand used it as a starting point that inspired a collection aimed at aligning their “goals as individuals with our goals as a society.”

Interview with Jenny Mannerheim and Ilan Delouis

Q: I once knew an artist who got angry because he saw a Van Gogh on a coffee mug. I personally like the idea of waking up and seeing art every day. I know the philosophy of Each Other is to bring art into people’s everyday lives. What can you tell us about that?

Jenny Mannerheim: Yeah, exactly. With Each Other we like to have people discover talents.

Each season we introduce a new artist. Like this season we are doing a collaboration with Amanda Wall. She’s a painter from Los Angeles and she has a very intimate feeling in her paintings.

We get really inspired by her art.

You’ll see in the runway two prints from this artist. For us, it’s really important because we really believe that through the fashion industry, there is a huge potential to discover talents.

through the fashion industry, there is a huge potential to discover talents

That’s what we’re good at because we also have a gallery; we do exhibitions.

I mean, these artists can go and do bigger projects because it’s a great opportunity for them to show their art.

Before you had books. Artists would die to be like in a book, published, or have a catalog.

Ilan Delouis: The idea is to use clothes as a medium and also to use our brand as a platform for artists. For example, this season we collaborated with the singer Lorelle Rayner, who is also a model in our show.

We are doing a live performance and she wrote a song for us.

Each Other Runway

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Photos: Regis Colin Berthelier and Guillaume Roujas for NOWFASHION

Q: Great, how exciting.

Jenny Mannerheim: Yeah. She wrote the song for Each Other, and it says, “It’s when the heart stops that the mind ceases to exist.”

Q: “When the heart stops, the mind ceases to exist?”

Jenny Mannerheim: Exactly. Like the world moves, we discover each other. That’s basically the meaning of the song and we like this, because we like to do things through the heart.

Each Other is a very emotional brand. We do a lot with intuition.

Each Other is a very emotional brand.

Each Other Backstage

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Photos: Regis Colin Berthelier and Guillaume Roujas for NOWFASHION

Q: That brings me to my next question. You tend to favor a lot of androgynous tailoring. How does that align with your larger vision?

Jenny Mannerheim: This is a strong woman who is going to dress in tailoring because you kind of erase a little bit of your femininity, so you need to be more feminine. If you’re going to dress in tailoring, your femininity needs to come from somewhere else.

Ilan Delouis: We are playing with a man’s world. We are very inspired by [architect] John Lautner, who did the Sheats-Goldstein Residence in Los Angeles.

His concept is essential architecture. So, we take a man’s wardrobe and we re-sculpt it. We feminize it, we modernize it, and we try to bring an artistic touch on it with the construction.

we take a man’s wardrobe and we re-sculpt it

It shows a woman as independent. She’s a structure that’s sensual — I mean, she’s strong and sensual at the same time.

She’s a working girl, but she’s also creative and also she’s spiritual.

We are using gemstones as her buttons and each of them are unique and each of them are a different energy and bring the best of her.

About The AW19 Collection

Each Other’s desire is to design daring clothes for women borrowing from a traditionally more masculine wardrobe as well as building a brand with a strong attachment to the arts. Each Other also cherishes the idea of togetherness. Nurtured by the founder’s passion for 70’s to 90’s design, the focus on re-sculpting men garments for women through experimental design has never been more important. Each Other dresses a woman who is as strong as she is sensual, both creative and intellectual, she is most of all daring.

Each Other proposes a new timeless masculine inspired ‘vestiaire’, focusing on a resculpted tailoring, with noble fabrics and surprising details. Delivering creative statement pieces that stand for longevity through design, the brand creates a powerful, gender hybridized and sensual silhouette.

The sensual architecture of John Lautner is at the core of Each Other’s ethos. Lautner’s design provokes the feeling that the distinction between indoor and outdoor is eliminated. What fascinates us about his work is the continuous re-mastering of its foundation. As Lautner is doing, we attempt to build the silhouettes of the looks upon the body. Draped and exaggerated volumes help to underline the topographical effect. Transformability is achieved by multi-usable garments and layered looks that allow to combine the garments in different ways. This season, we offer multilayered coats, suits, shirts and knits that fit perfectly in the work place while still exude an aura of uniqueness. In the same spirit of creative tailoring, Each Other proposes a series of suits, shirts, and knits with buttoned openings that go all along the garment. This allows a woman to experiment and imprint her unique stylistic signature onto the garments. For the Fall Winter 2019 season, it inspires the shape of the metal buckles that adorn belted blazers, coats, dresses, shirts and skirts. The fusion of masculine and feminine influences is expressed in a minimal drape that could be found on suits, shirts and dresses, creating garments that can be worn day to night. In keeping with Each Other’s tradition, all leathers and furs are vegan.

Dedicated to the mission of spreading awareness and empathy, Each Other continues using gemstones with powerful effects and ancient stories to diffuse spiritual energy while wearing the wardrobe, the gemstones vibrations are meant to support us in our journey to become the best version of ourselves and bring out the greatest of each other. We introduce a natural fabric inspired by the texture of astrakhan that could be found on coats and skirts and added a luxurious texture to their classic wardrobe. The Each Other woman knows that her thoughts have the power to transform her physical reality. Since ancient times, special garments have been worn during spiritual rituals to amplify the power of people’s thoughts. That’s why, inspired by the connection between garments and spirituality, Each Other decided to create their own version of powerful ritualistic garments. The tassels of a tallit, a prayer shawl, were transported onto blazers, shirts and knits, serving both as an elegant decoration and an empowering tool for spiritual connection.

The artist, stylist and creative director Amanda Wall was invited to collaborate and revisited a selection of artworks that she painted in California which portrayed her intimate life. By giving image an additional dimension, a new texture, physical motion, she uses the clothes canvas to create a living painting. She has chosen Free Arts, in Los Angeles, as her charity to which 50% of the sales profits will be donated, a non-profit organization that uses art as a form of recovery and development to restore hope, resiliency, and self-esteem for homeless children in Los Angeles.


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