Inside the New Savage x Fenty Collection

Inside the New Savage x Fenty Collection

Rihanna’s fashion and beauty empire is unstoppable, and she’s solidified her stance as a business mogul to watch out for with her new Savage x Fenty release.

As with her trademark Fenty Beauty line, Savage x Fenty is all about inclusivity and self-love. It’s no wonder that Rihanna’s lingerie line continues to make such a big splash — in fact, Savage x Fenty’s second lingerie show was so groundbreaking that it garnered an Emmy nomination!

With the looks of this new collection, it looks like Rihanna’s work has once again lived up to the hype. Below is a brief overview of what this new Savage x Fenty line is all about.

A wide range of body-positive influencers

Influencer marketing has become a key strategy in today’s social-media heavy world, and Rihanna knows how to do it well. Of course, it also helps that Savage x Fenty is a brand that people can easily get behind: singer-songwriter Jojo gushed about becoming a brand ambassador for the line, noting that she’s “never been this comfortable in my skin, so it’s just good timing to be a Savage girl!”

Since the main focus of her brand is to make quality lingerie accessible to many, Rihanna’s also tapped her own followers as potential brand ambassadors for Savage x Fenty. This summer’s “SummerxSavage” campaign focused on featuring actual customers as the face of the brand. Over 11 women were showcased, all of them encompassing a range of body types. Most of the winners were also women of color, a demographic that often goes underrepresented in lingerie ads. It’s also worth noting that this campaign was launched close to the release of Fenty Skin, a masterful digital marketing move that boosted the signal of both brands.

Universally-flattering pieces

When it comes to the pieces themselves, this latest collection is all about summery florals and universally flattering pastel colors. There’s also something for everyone, whether you want an everyday bra with a bit of tulle or a cheeky pair of leopard undies. Savage x Fenty’s bodysuits are also extremely popular, and is the go-to pick for none other than Megan Thee Stallion. Indeed, fashion site Pretty Me lists bodysuits as a must-have in every woman’s closet. A great bodysuit is both classy and sensual at the same time, which is great for women who want to feel sexy without revealing too much. It’s no wonder that these garments are a mainstay in Rihanna’s lingerie line; it’s hard to resist a flattering bodysuit in a nice, beach-y teal hue!

There are also more daring pieces in the collection like corsets and bustiers or garterized belts. Selling these items alongside everyday bralettes and undies gives customers the ultimate freedom of expression, solidifying the idea that great lingerie serves as a foundation to your look while also granting you unstoppable confidence.

The continued success of Savage x Fenty proves that there’s nowhere to go but up for Rihanna. In the same way that Fenty Beauty is rewriting the rules of what inclusive beauty is, perhaps Savage x Fenty can be a shining light for the lingerie world.


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