Paris Editor Gabriela Billini
Paris Editor Gabriela Billini
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Hyun Mi Nielsen Review | Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture 2017 / 18

Hyun Mi Nielsen | Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

To attend couture shows is to step into a world of unexplored territory vs. ready to wear, and this is why personal expectations are high.

Upon the start of the Hyun Mi Nielsen show, we were faced with volume as the subject to tackle. With volume, Nielsen explores texture in parallel, picking vibrant and vivid colors and fabrics that allow you to also feel the fabric as the looks parade through the elegant Parisian apartment.

Sleeves are certainly happening this season at Hyun Mi Nielsen, at times simple with exaggerated length, in other instances with large cutouts or totally sheer. What Nielsen did well was bring couture to an accessible space, not frightening the public with extraordinary, unattainable goods.

Some of the looks were undeniably gorgeous: such as the voluminous, structured black and white coat, or the red-orange trapeze dress.

Some of the looks were undeniably gorgeous

Hyun Mi Nielsen | Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

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I found that couture may be facing a bit of competition with fast fashion as well, being a victim to trends favored by Instagram stars. Nielsen presented some questionable basic looks with something left to be desired, such as her denim dress and snakeskin tank. Is it that RTW is changing the type and kind of clothing presented, making couture a little less special? Is there now an inclination to make the looks more salable?

There were some very strong looks in this presentation, featuring volume, texture, and detailing not typically meant for RTW. However, with the exposed net hosiery being the biggest trend on Instagram, can a forward-thinking couture look do the same and expect a higher level of respect — and demand the consumer to pay that much more for it?

The occasionally strong couture-like looks certainly solicited the occasional grin and deserved an applause, but overall the collection made me think that instead of a couture designer, we were presented with a RTW show, with the designer looking to experiment with couture, or even just more expressionist detail.

Having said that, we love Hyun Mi Nielsen’s sexy, fun looks, and are always excited to see what she’ll come up with next.


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