How To Pick a Right Fashion Essay Topic: 4 Tips

How To Pick a Right Fashion Essay Topic: 4 Tips

Talking about fashion is easy. However, writing an essay on fashion isn’t as easy as you’d think.

As a college student majoring in fashion or any other field, there’s a huge chance that you’ll need to write an essay on this subject. So, how do you scale through this challenge? Well, it all depends on what you want.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of choosing the right topic for your fashion essay. Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

Choose a sub-field or fashion trend and narrow it down

Fashion is a pretty large spectrum that houses several sub-fields and trends. Sure, you might want to write an essay on fashion, but it doesn’t just end there. What aspect of fashion are you aiming to write about? Personal shopping? Design? If you decide to write an essay on the broad subject “fashion,” you’d end up with a 30-page generic and yawn-inducing paper.

You need to choose a specific sub-field or trend within the fashion industry and narrow it down. For instance, you could choose to talk about denim and how this trend keeps coming back every decade.

Research properly

It’s not enough to craft a topic from a random fashion trend or sub-field. You’ll also need to carry out proper research to determine if it’s something you’d like to write about. Remember: you can’t write an essay on an unfamiliar topic. Read journals and past papers to see what other experts have already written about the subject and familiarize yourself with your chosen topic. Maybe you even will have to contact experts in the particular field, to get needed data. You might need to use specific tools to find business emails and their contact information, since there is a small chance they are published openly online. Blogs and magazines are also a great way to find out more about a particular concept or clothes reference.

Once you’ve done this, you can then go on to write about your chosen topic.

Avoid over-flogged trends

Fashion trends are often a great inspiration for your fashion essay. However, towing this path can be pretty tricky. Don’t choose a topic that revolves around a trend that has been explored one too many times. Instead, write about relatively new trends or sub-fields that your readers don’t know much about. If you must choose a topic on an overused trend, ensure that you explore the subject from a new never-been-seen-before perspective.

Choose something that interests you

When choosing a topic for your fashion essay (or any other type of essay at all), it’s essential to select a topic that interests you. Going for issues outside your scope of interest and knowledge will only make the writing process long and difficult for you.

For instance, if you’re particularly interested in runway fashion, you could choose a topic related to this interest instead of choosing something like: “The masked impact of fashion on the environment.”

If you aren’t sure how to find something that interests you, you could research random fashion niches or trends until you stumble upon something that catches your attention.

Fashion Essay Topic Examples

If you’re trying to come up with the perfect topic for your essay on fashion, here are some sample topics that could inspire you:

  1. The immortality of fashion trends: Denim’s constant comeback
  2. How economic issues and crises shape and affect fashion trends
  3. How eco-friendly clothing is raising environmental awareness among Millennials
  4. The evolution of American fashion over the past 50 years
  5. The synergy between African and American fashion within the last decade
  6. What inspires fashion trends? A closer look at the faces behind popular fashion trends
  7. Style then and now: How English style has evolved over the past century
  8. Mainstream media’s effect on the fashion industry
  9. Revolutionizing fashion: how humanoid robots are taking over the runway
  10. Why don’t basic fashion rules matter in today’s world?
  11. What kind of dress makes a fashion statement?
  12. Easy pickings clothes: how cheap clothes can help the disadvantaged make fashion statements
Final Thoughts

If you’re struggling with crafting the perfect topic for your essay, simply go through random fashion trends or sub-fields to gain inspiration and then research your selected topic. Remember: your chosen topic has to match your interests and passion. We hope this guide helps.

Happy writing!


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