How To Buy A High Quality Leather Jacket For Men

Leather jackets have been the go-to outerwear for ages now, and there is nothing like these clothing items as they elevated every look it is put on. But how did the leather jackets make such an appearance? Well, for all of those who know, leather jackets were designed for the pilots in the World War to keep them insulated, and in no time these dapper clothing items made their way to the fashion industry.

Leather jackets are not just outerwear, but they are a fashion statement that defines everybody’s taste. You might find everybody around you wearing a leather jacket, so if you are someone who wants a real leather jacket for men then this is your chance to get one.

If you are looking for a high-end quality leather jacket then this guide is specially designed for you. Go through this blog and then make a choice of what leather jacket you want. As leather jackets last you a lifetime, we are sure that you might also later need conditioners and specific clothes to keep the leather neat and clean.

Know The Type of Jacket You Are Looking For

If you just go out to shop for a leather jacket, you might get confused a big time as shops cater to a variety of leather jackets and thus you won’t be able to make up your mind. Whether it be leather biker jackets or bomber jackets you can get all. But wherever you go we would advise searching through their product selections if you locate a manufacturer whose quality you like but for which you are seeking a certain shape of the jacket. You will almost certainly find such a jacket there.

But even before you go to the market you should know about the jacket types that are available, so that you pick out the jacket accordingly.

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is also known as a flight jacket or an MA 1 jacket. One of the most common and adaptable leather jacket designs is the bomber jacket. They are known for having elastic, cinched, or ribbed cuffs, an elastic waist, and a collar. However, they can also be lined with fur or have a fur collar because they were initially created with warmth in mind for pilots in high altitudes while sitting in open airplanes. They look equally good dressed up or down over work or can be used for a casual look. A useful addition to anyone’s wardrobe without a doubt, and quite a popular jacket.

Double Rider Jacket

Schott NYC created the first leather motorcycle jacket, which was released in 1928. Marlon Brando has worn this jacket since it was first introduced in The Wild Ones, The Ramones, greasers, punk rockers, and other ferocious beasts. This jacket is not to be taken lightly because it has come to represent a revolt. It was intended to be practical because it was developed for motorcycle riders so that they can stay away from the cold. The big snap lapels and asymmetrical front zipper give this jacket a highly distinctive appearance. Typically intended for informal wear.

Moto Or Cafe Racer Jacket

The simple deconstructed motorbike jacket is a leaner, more compact version of a Double Rider Motorcycle Jacket without the additional flaps, epaulets, and belts which you can find on the leather biker jacket. Typically, this jacket has a little more streamlined, contemporary appearance. Unlike the double rider jacket, this jacket typically has a modest snap collar rather than a large fold over collars. It also typically lacks an asymmetrical zipper. Some collared moto versions maintain a simple silhouette while adding a little collar. This jacket is much more adaptable and less edgy looking due to its simple style.

Varsity Jacket

If you are looking for casual jackets, then varsity jackets are the perfect outerwear. These leather jackets might feature sleeves made entirely of leather or just of leather. These jackets are significantly less costly than many of those mentioned above because they are typically made of suede. They can be a terrific addition to a casual wardrobe for a street drag look.

What Leather to Opt For?

Quality leather will last you decades and will continue to look better as it breaks in because it is one of the toughest and one of the most durable materials you can choose for outerwear, shoes, and accessories. As with wearable items, always opt for full-grain leather that is of the highest quality. The main factor in choosing quality and endurance over price is the main idea when you go to buy leather products, later take care of the leather according to the leather care guide.

Think of what kind of leather it is made of and how thick the leather should be; these two of your main concerns should arise while looking at leather jackets. However, in situations like this, the superior products are frequently far more expensive.

Before you head on, you should also know about any type of leather that you tend to pick out near future:

Cow, Horse, Or Steer Hide

As said by the name, the leather comes from cows, horses, or steers. This leather is the thickest in nature, it is highly durable and sturdy. Great to wear on motorcycle rides, but the skin is not as supple as you think thus hindering movement.

Calf Skin

Calf skin is like cowhide but it is on the more supple side but it is still quite on the rigid side. You can easily pick calf skin for a formal or informal look.

Lamb Skin

Lamb skin leather is extremely soft and lightweight leather. This will almost have a fabric or silky feel about it. Considering how soft it feels in the hand, many people might not even realize it’s leather.

Goat Skin

Not quite as soft as lamb, but is on the softer side than calfskin. It has a thick grain that is much more permeable. This is known to be a very good, multipurpose leather kind.

Buffalo And Boison Leather

These are very thick, mostly used for the protection of skin, and thus are very sturdy. However, this type of leather is surely going to last you a lifetime.

Set A Budget Frame

You can get your hands on types of jackets that are extremely cheap and extremely expensive. So before thinking about it you should be very well aware of how much you are willing to spend on your outerwear. Let us talk about the budget here.

Cheap- Can Buy Under $300

For such a price you can go to a thrift shop or get it second hand, once you are comfortable with the style you can consider going beyond. Go for real leather instead rather than going for a cheap synthetic leather jacket.

Low End Leather Jacket for Above $300 to $500

You can get a decent leather jacket in this price range. If you are a newbie in getting hands on leather jackets, then make use to having such a budget in mind.

Mid-Range Leather Jacket $500 – $1000

People willing to spend this much are people who have been collectors of such outerwear. These people mainly have an idea about all of the leather types and jacket purchases.

High End Varying From $1000 – $2000

You are presumably interested in and searching for high quality leather at the High-End pricing ranges with designs or qualities that you are rare to discover at other price ranges. We divided this category broadly between replica brands and designer brands.


Whether it be leather jackets for women or for men, it is very important that you choose the leather jacket wisely as it is a great investment. Leather jackets tend to last you a lifetime, so it is very important that you do your research before heading on to get a leather jacket for yourself.

We are sure that we would have answered the most basic things about how to buy a leather jacket. And so, it is very important to keep these points in your mind.


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