GIGLIO.COM introduces its first short movie / Defining its identity from the values of the Mediterranean

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GIGLIO.COM launches its first short-movie, broadcasted on air through a television program and on YouTube.

As the center of the narrative, an aesthetic that encompasses the Made in Mediterranean values that distinguish the luxury e-destination, or rather the charm and constant search for beauty where cornerstones such as inclusiveness, lightness and joie de vivre represent the true essence of the brand.


The Mediterranean lightness is shown through all its charm of authentic places, spontaneous and evocative settings of a luxurious nature that encloses its true richness and decadence. Life scenes of boys and girls, explorers of unconventional beauty, companions in a story that mixes style with a free and independent spirit.

A global but at the same time unique luxury destination, which finds its values in the Mediterranean aesthetic and culture: “We want to inspire the search for beauty, with lightness and simplicity … and be good travel companions for our customers!” – said Giuseppe Giglio, CEO of GIGLIO.COM – “This short movie represents our manifesto of independent and Mediterranean style.”

The short film will be aired on TV and digital channels with an estimated reach of 10 million views. At the same time, international distribution on YouTube will take place, with the goal of reaching up to 15 million views.


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