Fashion’s Must-Have Recycled Solution: Repreve

What if Fashion Could Save the Planet?

REPREVE® is made “For the good of tomorrow.” This is the spirit behind one textile manufacturer’s brand of sustainable, recycled fibers. With multitudes of designers and consumers seeking out eco-friendly fashion options, Unifi’s REPREVE seems to have found its time to shine.

Unifi, a global sustainable solution provider, and its partners, are hearing consumers loud and clear: Now is the time to make a difference. And now more than ever, consumers are looking at how products are produced and if they’re truly made eco-friendly. So, leading brands partner with REPREVE, the most trusted branded fiber made from high-quality recycled materials, including plastic bottles.

now more than ever, consumers are looking at how products are produced

Here’s how it’s done. Bottles from local recycling companies are brought to the REPREVE Bottle Processing Center in North Carolina where they’re cleaned and chopped into flake. The flake travels to the REPREVE Recycle Center where it’s melted into chip, extruded and spun into durable and reliable fiber. Performance technologies, like moisture-wicking that originated with athletic wear, can be added to the finished fiber to make fashion more functional, more comfortable, and easier to care for.

Top brands and designers are choosing REPREVE to create sustainable, fashion and performance apparel consumers love. Brands like Patagonia, H&M, Aeropostale, Express and Vitamin A all use REPREVE, which allows them to create high-quality products that keep plastic bottles out of landfills. These brands, and many more, have helped Unifi recycle over 10 billion plastic bottles and counting.

Top brands and designers are choosing REPREVE

Without question, sustainability will continue to be a buzzword across the fashion industry. Strategies that help make our world better will continue to emerge as more and more consumers look to their favorite brands and companies to take a stand in protecting our natural resources for the good of tomorrow.

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