Fashion Models Teleport to Brooklyn Fashion Week with Nerdy Gangsta Inc’s Augmented Reality Exhibition

Fashion Models Teleport to Brooklyn Fashion Week with Nerdy Gangsta Inc’s Augmented Reality Exhibition

Digital technology has become an essential tool in our lives. voyeuristic digital revolution, to an interactive and co-creative experience thanks to technologies such as Augmented Reality. Until today, mobile interactive technology has been out of reach for small brands that can’t manage

Fashion Models Teleport to Brooklyn Fashion Week with Nerdy Gangsta Inc's Augmented Reality Exhibition
Fashion Models Teleport to Brooklyn Fashion Week with Nerdy Gangsta Inc’s Augmented Reality Exhibition
Nerdy Gangsta Inc’s Augmented Reality Exhibition

Nerdy Gangsta Inc. is a streetwear clothing brand based in Detroit, Michigan. And is one of few brands that are utilizing digital technology to showcase its collection, and bring about brand recognition by creating a Virtual Exhibition with Augmented Reality.

Nerdy Gangsta Inc.’s mission is to inspire people (particularly youth) to be innovative, bold, and fearless in pursuing their dreams, and use their talents to make a difference. The founder, Shelvy Marbury has been working in the technology industry for twenty-five years as a NASA researcher and engineer with AT&T. Nerdy Gangsta Inc implementation of this mission has entailed various community-based efforts. From mentoring, to Back to School Rallies giving out backpacks and t-shirts to students, as well as creating opportunities for underserved metro-Detroit students to create fashion videos with Augmented Reality, and workshops to learn how to code in Python.

Nerdy Gangsta Inc Virtual Exhibition Initiative

The Nerdy Gangsta Inc Virtual Exhibition is a mobile experience using mixed reality. Visitors use their mobile phones to go to the Virtual Exhibition page and click on “View in AR” on their smartphone device, then the camera opens and users move their mobile phones from side to side, the camera can understand the physical social space they are in, and then fashion models show up to teleport to the floor at one point and appearing in full size, and the user can interact with the physical models as any real-world object, viewers can move around the models and take photos of them, walk to the other side of the exhibition wall where words of positivity are graffiti with the brand’s slogans “Bold, Driven, Fearless, Innovative, etc.” Users around the world can download the virtual exhibition and experience the brand.

Nerdy Gangsta inc ROI

Nerdy Gangsta Inc said they received screen-recorded videos from as far as Saudi Arabia, Africa, and as close to home as Dallas, Detroit, New York, and Los Angeles.

“The ROI of using this technology is that we were a relatively unknown brand, but by creating this AR campaign we have had exposure around the world, press, and media coverage and our home-fans love to support us with their creativity on social media”.

Augmented Reality Marketing

The virtual exhibition, the first for this streetwear brand, was developed in partnership with the 360Fashion Network to coincide with their presentation at Brooklyn Fashion Week, October 15th. Nerdy Gangsta Inc. will showcase the work and inspiration of the Everything is Working Out in my Favor and Keep Going collection, to boost visibility during a fashion month that’s implementing a hybrid (in-person and digital) show and experience. The project was strategized, delivered, and evangelized by Anina Net, the founder of 360Fashion Network.

AR has quickly become an essential technology for retailers to engage consumers and offer interaction and discovery, Chanel uses AR to enhance physical marketing efforts at a holiday pop-up at The Standard in New York where they invited attendees to view an AR experience by accessing a lens on Snapchat. Gucci had people open their App to view their ACE sneakers, and Burberry launched an AR shopping App experience with Google where products were visualized in their environment, yet, all these experiences required a mobile app to see the experience which is costly to maintain and expensive to build.

Improve your brand

“Using a browser based technology that was available across all devices was essential for making this experience affordable for Nerdy Gangsta Inc,” says Anina Net.

Building custom Apps may bring superior functionality but small brands cannot justify the cost of building, maintaining, and driving downloads. They can not get back their investment in a short time.

“Choosing the right technology to use for the brand is essential to getting adoption for users and brand owners,” states Anina Net.

Nerdy Gangsta Inc Experience with Virtual Exhibition

The Nerdy Gangsta Inc. virtual exhibition experience uses 2D images for its 3D experience, instead of heavy 3D files. The reason for this, explains Anina Net, is because of the fast loading time for Nerdy Gangsta Inc users who will be experiencing the exhibition outside in an open space, rather than inside at home where wifi is readily available.

“Try to download a 10MB file on a 4G cell phone – the loading time is unbearable,” says Anina Net. She recommends thinking through any AR experience carefully and working with the resources that a brand has to keep the costs down, rather than investing in developing new ones. In this case, Anina Net recommended using Nerdy Gangsta Inc’s latest photoshoot, rather than embarking on the mission and expense of creating 3D clothing.

With the rollout of 5G connectivity, the future will solve these High-Bandwidth problems of AR. It can handle the massive image-processing demands that AR requires to stream multiple near real-time feeds at once and over various distances. Yet, the 5G rollout is currently progressing slowly, and with the constraints on the mass market’s budgets, it is unlikely that people will be rushing out to buy the latest mobile device or upgrade their mobile plans when they are still staying home looking for work. Most people have 4G smartphones and cellular connections and it’s enough until the world is back in full swing.

Fashion Tech with Augmented Reality Exhibition

“There’s no sense for a small streetwear brand to create an experience that the majority of the market will not be able to try. If you’re a luxury brand it’s a different customer with the latest technology in their hands,” recommends Anina Net, the Founder of 360Fashion Network. She recommends having an incremental approach to new technologies where brands warm up their audience with an experience, and gradually increase the experience with more functionality, rather than investing at the start in a technologically advanced experience few can access.

This campaign helps foster Nerdy Gangsta Inc’s mission of communicating their brand message of “being bold, smart, and innovative”. Utilizing high-technology has allowed Nerdy Gangsta Inc. to engage with people worldwide with this message, visualize their fashion collection in real-time, and make their retail customer’s experience more engaging.

Augmented Reality For Small Brand

Nerdy Gangsta Inc is one of few small brands that are making their way to utilizing Artificial Intelligence for brand recognition by harnessing the 360Fashion Network know-how. Using their innovative technology has brought them to be selected to showcase their brand at Brooklyn Fashion Week this October 15th at a special phygital, without physically being present and online at the Digital Fashion Week NYC on 8-12 Sep.

Smart moves from a local Detroit brand just getting started. Nerdy Gangsta Inc. and 360Fashion Network look to couple the future of fashion and technology with GenZ to promote inclusivity as well as inspire the pursuit of STEM education and careers.


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