Fashion Future: Powered by Samsung | Part 1

Excerpt from an interview with Samsung VP Ron Gazzola and FTL Moda Founder Ilaria Niccolini

he future of fashion retail is a lot closer than you may think.

Let’s imagine a scenario.

A shopper finds an outfit she likes, from a website viewed on her Samsung Galaxy tablet. She clicks it, and it says “VIP Parking Space Reserved.” She drives to a retailer, where Samsung GPS directs her to a custom parking space — reserved just for her — at a retail location. She enters the store, and sees a Samsung display where she can try on outfits in virtual reality. She orders directly from the display, since only some outfits are in stock at the location. It tells her the items will be delivered to her home in 24 hours, then prints a coupon for her to get a free coffee at a coffee chain, as a small reward.

Sound farfetched? It’s a future that may not be far off, thanks to Samsung’s emergence in the fashion and retail industries. Some of the first — and most exciting — forays into this new world are Samsung’s new mirrored displays, which allow users to “try on” outfits.

Some of the most exciting forays into this new world are Samsung’s new mirrored displays …

The technology may seem futuristic, but it’s already here. Samsung’s new mirrors are 55″ tall, and can be placed in walls, for a true Jetsons / Star Trek-worthy experience.

To get an insight into the displays — and where Samsung plans to expand next — we spoke with Samsung Vice President Ron Gazzola, responsible for directing the marketing, sales, and product development strategies of the company’s Display and Memory categories.

We also spoke with FTL Moda Founder Ilaria Niccolini.

They recently collaborated with Next Artists and Fashion Week Online to bring a one-of-a-kind NYFW experience to the September runways.


Ronald Gazzola, VP, Samsung display:
The idea of developing a mirror display for the fashion industry is all about how to create a digital, dynamic, and engaging experience for the fashion industry … for retailers using a mirror display, and creating that one-on-one interactivity between the customer and consumer.

Ilaria Niccolini, Producer FTL Moda:
What we want to do is improve the world a little bit, one step at a time. When we partner with a brand like Samsung and a partner like Fashion Week Online — where we have the opportunity to provide service, content, and the right communication tool to an extended audience like the world — this is really fantastic.

Full interview — and more information about Samsung’s plans for the marketplace — to come.