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Post exposure, survivors looked towards the sun in search of a bright blue sky behind what was left of the towering buildings.

Though getting used to enjoy it via digital screens, the need and infinite curiosity for nature remains intact.
With the rapid development of technology, the world is changing and recognizing the countless culture surrounding it. China is developing at remarkable speeds and is learning to balance traditional and modern forces. The tradition – the philosophical ethos and aesthetic notions culturally ingrained for thousands of years – collides with the modern – a fast moving and tech driven society lead by new mediums. Today’s China rises as a gigantic dragon slowly and gradually waking up, with forces colliding and blending within its own body, and is emerging as a new and influential vitality.


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In its quest to balance modernity with nature and simplicity, F/FFFFFF combined deep rooted philosophical ideas and scientific and technological means and observed resulting phenomenas while trying to achieve a state of “heaven and humanity”. Eastern philosophy, with its mysterious charm, aura, and consciousness, is a marriage of ethereality and reality, nature and art, that contains a powerful and connotative strength.

This season aims to capture a new way of appreciating beauty among a changed oriental society, implying what has been engraved in its blood and marrow through 5000 years of cultural heritage combined with its new found vitality.


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