ERR;OR Launches Spring/Summer 2019 Capsule Collection

detected by ERR;OR

On Saturday, October 20, PUL SHEEN launched his Spring/Summer 2019 Capsule Collection “detected by ERR;OR” at ABXY Gallery in New York City, with a special presentation, performance and after party.

ERR;OR’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection introduced its pure essence in an all-black color scheme, paying no attention to trends. Shifting from an over-fit military and tech wear concept to integrate color, modern materials and streamlined silhouettes, the Spring/Summer 2019 capsule collection is symbolic of an alien trend invasion on anti-fashion earthling, ERR;OR.

Jointly designed by PUL SHEEN and graphic artist MURYANGDION, pieces are highly emotional, touching on themes of fear, delusion, brainwashing, surveillance, destruction, scars, and universality.

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(Photos: Michelle Hyebin Yang)


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(Photos: Michelle Hyebin Yang)

The “detected by ERR;OR” capsule presentation exhibited a thrilling model performance with fine art elements and ERR;OR’s first full ready-to-wear collection “ERR;OR; ain’t no mistake” to mark a dynamic brand beginning.

Artist Jason Lee transformed the space with a towering statue filled with white ink, splattered upon destruction with an electric saw onto guests, modeled in logo-printed jumpsuits and gigantic face masks.

The ERR;OR X BASED_ after party immediately began with the end of the performance.

“MOTHER AND SON” was the centerpiece of the capsule collection presentation, a statue created by artist Jason Lee to portray his idea of the Supreme Court. A rabbit masked Jesus and sheep masked Mother Mary were struck with 12 gigantic arrows, symbolizing the 12 Apostles.

Using an electric saw to destruct the statue meant to destroy all authoritative power pressing down on the creative freedom of our modern world, a kind of confidence that ERR;OR and its fans endow.

Splattering of the internal white ink upon slaughtering seemed to illustrate a kind of independence we all seek – and established a striking performance that was only possible in New York City.


BASED_ is an emerging event production company that aims to create a connection between pop and urban culture in both U.S. and Asian music markets, through the careful planning of New York City events. The company utilizes premium club venues for its top headliners, such as Ted Park and Mir Fontane, with a goal to be an authority in the international music business.

Guests included Ebonee Davis, Jared Soule, Tatiana Elizabeth Prince, Diego Larez, Ziggy Mack Johsnon, Gabriel Perez Silva, Jacopo Olmo, Jessica Wu, Chloe Kim, Borzu Raven, Jerome Lamaar, Antino Crowley-karmenwati, B. Hawk Snipes, Ava Grey, Jay Khan,dylon Maggio, Evan Donghwan Kim, Nelson Tiberghien, Isabelle Chaput, Pablo Starr (Fashion Week Online), Kerby Jean Raymond (Pyer Moss), Dustin Pittman, Jae Joseph (Cultured), Clermont Twins, and more.


Styling: PUL SHEEN
Production Direction: PUL SHEEN, Jason Lee, John Hwang
Production Assistance: Victor Shin, Sean Kim, Jiwon July Choi, Bryan Kim, Dion Kim, ND Kim
Artist: Jason Lee
Music: Jinn Lee
Hair: Shingo Shibata
Makeup: Kento Utsubo
Special Thanks: John Hwang and ADAMBOY of BASED_


ERR;OR was created by designer PUL SHEEN as a way for menswear to bridge communities and challenge the status quo. ERR;OR puts the “erroneous” up front, to change the conversation and become the norm. “Some errors presumed wrong in our world are mere differences that must be acknowledged,” PUL SHEEN explains, “We weren’t made by mistake – there was only an error.” The capsule collection is an accessible, graphic translation of its usual over-fit silhouette with military and tech wear functionality, packaged in a one-size-fits-all. As an unbiased design space, ERR;OR pledges to create an inclusive brand culture that empowers and celebrates people and their unique differences.


PUL SHEEN conceived ERR;OR on the idea that he is an “error.” At the age of 14, PUL SHEEN roamed the streets of Seoul’s Dongdaemun fashion district, quenching his thirst for clothing, quickly turning passion into business. For a decade, he contributed to fashion retail, production and design, absorbing the stories of local salesman over late night drinks, living them as his own. Despite his unconventional ways, PUL SHEEN believed that his non-confrontational, rebellious spirit could influence others to do the same. With ERR;OR, he plans to collaborate with others to create a positive change in the industry. PUL SHEEN graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2017.


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