Emerging Talents Milan Fashion Presentation

Emerging Talents Milan Fashion Presentation

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Emerging Talents Milan once more reveals outstanding designers from all over the world creating another fascinating celebration at the world fashion capital.

No doubt, the previous year caused tremendous changes in the fashion industry. The future of the fashion show and fashion weeks is fluid and rapidly transforming. We believe the fashion events are a personal date, where designers can open up their hearts. It’s a very special moment for everyone in the audience, that cannot be recreated in virtual only.

Emerging Talents

Emerging Talents Milan embraces the changes, but believes in traditions.

‘’We continue to meet each of you personally in Palazzo Visconti at our shows. It is fundamental for talented designers to experience those emotions. We can deliver a different story with live shows than we can with a picture.’’

Brands: OTKUTYR Fashion House, Sanda Design, Soave, VIAGOLAQUATTRO, VOR Makeup

The event is organized strictly following the anti-COVID19 measures.


Scouted by Josip Grabovac for the Emerging Talents Milan, the Sanda Design collection speaks of the unbreakable bond between us and nature. Sanda, the designer and the founder of the Sanda Design brand, wanted to remind us with her collection, she cleverly named Gaia, of the sacred bond we forge with nature the moment we are born. Each of the pieces that were presented at Palazzo Visconti, tell the story of our alienation and attempt to remind us that we cannot see ourselves as the separate entities, but rather as a part of Gaia, the ancestral mother of all life.

With her collection, Sanda wanted to give an ode to strong women who walk through life with fierce determination. Although inspired by women and nature, her jewellery is also devoted to all those who set out to change the course, create something that adds value and send a powerful message.

OTKYTUR Fashion House

OTKUTYR’s FW21/22 tells the story of our current dystopian zeitgeist. It warps the space between two parallel time periods, referencing the pandemics of the 19th and 21st centuries. The confusion, uncertainty, and unwavering resilience of these periods inspire the aesthetics of the collection. At its essence, AW21/22 is a nightmare of a dream that overlaps two worlds, existing within a multiverse.

The color palette of OTKUTYR’s latest collection adheres to our multiverse’s turbulence, featuring soft pastel ombrés and pale pink lace — but also the total opposite with bright, solid colors. Embracing a sense of uncertainty and resilience, the collection is inspired by masculinity but rendered in femininity. The fashion house turns traditional Saudi celebratory menswear on its head, transforming the winter Furwah into a reversible overcoat for women, evocative of the versatility of our current moment. Other androgynous silhouettes borrow the loose, dramatic sleeves and structured collars from the shirts of 19th century gentlemen.

Yet the FW21/22 collection is infused with unmistakable femininity, as seen in the voluminous hips of its silhouettes, subtle embroidery, and the dreaminess of fabrics such as lamé, dantelle, tulle, taffeta, nylon, and scrunched organza. The collection encourages women to take up space the way men traditionally have, adding volume in garment shoulders and creating oversized silhouettes. The result twists the concept of the uncertain to create a collection that emanates strength and adaptability.

OTKUTYR is sponsored by RARE water, which produces premium natural spring and mineral water in the Republic of Armenia and is known to not need any treatment, with the water being bottled directly from the source.

SOAVE Cashmere

In Italian Soave means tender, delicate, peaceful. We chose this name for cashmere sweaters created in Italy with love to nature, admiration for nonchalant elegance and unpretentious charm of Milan Bohemia. It is the love manifested in fabric, in color and in design. Jersey with a philosophy — for women, who are in harmony with the world, who choose exceptional quality, comfort, freedom of movement and actions. The soft elegance, which was mentioned by Coco Chanel and Sophia Loren. The secret is simplicity and composure.

Soave sweaters are manufactured by a small textiles factory in the central part of Italy, which has been creating premium products for eminent fashion companies specializing in cashmere for more than 30 years. Skillful hands of the very same Italian craftswomen create jerseys from unique 100% baby cashmere yarn for us.

Soave woman

Light-hearted, accomplished, enticing. Is she Italian? At least, in her heart. Gorgeous without gold pendants, sophisticated forms or twisting hands. It is in composure, confidence and energy she generously shares with the world. She is beautiful, but not as a fresco or a figurine is. Her beauty is wind in nonchalant slightly tumbled locks, wrinkles like beams of sunlight around her smiling eyes. It is in the harmony and intrinsic connection to nature. She knows what she wants from life and from her clothes. She basks in luxury without throwing splashes on anyone. It is not the “dolce vita” from pop songs. It is real, sweet, but not syrupy. It is not for effect, but for love. @soave_cashmere

VOR Make-Up by Valeria Orlando

VOR Make-Up is a beauty brand proudly Made in Italy dedicated to the creation of make-up products that takes shape in 2013, taking the utmost care so that the different formulations contain the best ingredients in order to “gently caress” the skin.

Initially born with an exclusive focus on beauty / make-up artist professionals called VOR PRO program, in 2017 VOR Academy came to life to give all aspiring make-up artists the opportunity to study with a precise ethics, with the support of teachers. carefully selected and using only VOR Make-up products. Today VOR Academy can boast an ever-increasing number of students who have chosen to be part of the VOR Beauty Expert team.

With the arrival of the pandemic in March 2020, VOR Academy and its collaborators, as well as all the VOR Academies, had to suspend their activities and remain on stand-by (this probably until October 2021) until they resume work at full power. This challenge did not scare us, on the contrary, we will emerge strengthened because we have worked with greater commitment so much so that we have created a new VOR segment: “VOR for Beauty Stores + Companies”

The potential of the make-up line has prompted us to look carefully at a new category of users, however demanding and increasingly well informed about cosmetics, we want the VOR Make-Up product not to be exclusive access by professionals in the sector but that anyone can have it thanks to the many perfumeries, beauty centers, hairdressers and various beauty shops with direct sales to the customer. @vormakeup

Italian makeup artist Valeria Orlando has been called one of the most creative make-up artists in fashion and art industry. She rose to prominence in the early 1990s and has since collaborated with numerous important brands and photographers, including Mario Testino, Steven Klein, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Eolo Perfido, Andrea Massari, Cosimo Buccolieri, Nikolay Biryukov, Stefania Paparelli, Andeer Brogard, Susi Belianska, Michele De Andreis, Benedict Renc, Francesco Chiappetta, Fulvio Maiani, Federico Leone, Fabrizio Scarpa, Enrico Caputo, Elio Nogueira, Christian Tagliavini and has created beauty looks for the fashion catwalks of Versace, Fendi and various alternative and emerging platforms related to Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week New York Fashion Week, dedicated to young talents.

Head Fashion Stylist Russ Ev
Head of Makeup Valeria orlando using VOR Makeup, B-Selfie, Gli Elementi
Head of Hair Styling Antonio Iengo
Location Palazzo Visconti Milano
Lighting and Set Family Studio
Photos ImaxTree


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