Brooklyn-based DAEM has a Fresh Take on Luxury Watches

Brooklyn-based DAEM has a Fresh Take on Luxury Watches

DAEM watches tell more than the time with haute design narrative

DAEM, a watch company based in Brooklyn, has launched its initial watch collection exclusively through

The name DAEM is an anagram from ‘made’. It reflects a new blend of mediums – art, fashion, culture, and collaboration – brought together in the form of a watch. Designed in Brooklyn and manufactured in Switzerland, DAEM watches are made for the ambitious who are discerning in their taste and look for meaning in what they wear.


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Co-founders Milo Dee and Michael LoFaso began building DAEM when they met at Harvard Business School. With roots in Brooklyn and NYC, they experienced a sharp wedge driven between the ‘ivory tower’ of traditional luxury products and the more diverse ‘street level view’ of modern luxury.

DAEM began with a goal of approaching fashion and watchmaking with a new lens: luxury – in every sense of design and craft – created through diverse narratives from the world around us.

Their first collection – the Kings Collection – is an homage to its roots in Brooklyn (a.k.a. Kings County). A Classic Collection offers more traditional strap combinations for those looking for a more versatile aesthetic.

“We grew up collecting watches, and admire the skill and heritage that goes into making a beautiful watch. Our favorite watches have always been the ones that tell a story, and there are incredibly rich narratives all around us that drive our design inspiration,” says Milo Dee, co-founder.

“We were fortunate to study under Pauline Brown (former Harvard professor who served as Chairwoman of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) which helped us push the envelope on combining narratives with aesthetic,” adds Michael LoFaso, co-founder.

DAEM Background

DAEM creates luxury watches through world-class design and collaborations. Based in Brooklyn, they are re-defining the category with cultural narratives and art to craft never-before-seen collaborations in design.

The name DAEM is an anagram for “made.” It reflects their unique blend of fashion, art, and human narratives formed into an original, distinctive aesthetic.

The Company was founded by former Harvard classmates Milo Dee and Michael LoFaso.


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