6 Simple Ways To Elevate Your Personal Fashion Style

6 Simple Ways To Elevate Your Personal Fashion Style

When it comes to fashion and styling, a lot of people automatically assume that spending an astronomical amount of money or constantly buying designer goods is involved. That’s why some individuals tend to just give up on the idea of becoming a fashionable person themselves and settle for wearing basic or standard clothing.

But the truth is, expressing your personal fashion style isn’t about what you own but rather what you do with what you own. If you closely look at other fashion-forward people, the main reason they look chic and impeccable is because of the way they handle and carry themselves and how they make the most of the pieces they already have. And the good news is that you can be one of them, too.

If you want to up your fashion game and elevate your personal style, check out these six simple ways to look your best, improve your style, and boost your confidence:

1. Know Your Style

Everyone has their own style preferences. Some people like wearing pastel colors, while some are into dark fashion. Either way, knowing your personal style can make you feel more confident and good about yourself. Trying to wear pieces you’re not comfortable with might cause you to be hesitant and conscious about your overall look, which may affect your self-esteem. So stick to the style you want and let it define your aesthetic.

2. Accessorize

Besides choosing the clothes you wear, it’s a good idea to accessorize yourself. Accessories like necklaces, earrings, gemstone bracelets, and rings are like the icing on a cake. Bakers use frosting to make pastries look extra appealing—accessories have that same purpose. For instance, if you’ll be going out wearing a pair of pants and a shirt, you can always accessorize yourself with a necklace or a bracelet to enhance your overall look.
Just be sure that your chosen accessory doesn’t clash with your outfit. Another thing to remember about accessories is to never overdo them. Wearing too many at the same time can make you look cheap. When accessorizing yourself, remember that less is more. Let one or two accessories convey your personal style for you.

3. Dress For Your Size

One thing that can make or break your overall fashion is the size of your clothing. Wearing too tight or too loose outfits will only make you look frumpier and bigger than you actually are. So be mindful of your body type, determine your exact size, and fill your wardrobe with clothes that fit you perfectly. Not only will this flatter your body, but it will also ensure that all your outfits will look right on you.

If you’re worried about your size or weight changing, you can always sell items that are either too big or too small for you and use the profit to fund your new purchases.

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4. Have A Trusted Tailor

In connection to the previous item, some people find it hard to let go of their clothes even if it no longer fits them properly. Thus, it’s essential to have a tailor you can trust for any clothing emergency. For instance, if you have a dress that seems too tight or loose for you all of a sudden, you can call on your tailor to have it readjusted and fitted to your current size.

5. Look After Your Clothes

To ensure that your clothes will always look fashionable and pristine every time you wear them, you must know how to take care of them. Even if you’re wearing a designer dress or bag, it will eventually lose its beauty and appeal if you don’t look after it.
Make it a habit to hang your clothes or fold them properly after use instead of balling them up and dumping them into the laundry basket. You can also choose to iron them, but make sure the fabric can withstand heat. When storing your shoes or bags, avoid piling them together so they won’t lose their original shape.

6. Practice Proper Posture

Did you know that your posture can do a lot for your personal fashion style? It’s hard to pull off any outfit if you tend to stand or sit in a slouching position. Simply put, your clothes and accessories will only look and fit better on you if you have good posture. Plus, maintaining an upright posture can do wonders for your poise and confidence.

Finishing Up

The tips above to improve your style are simple and doable, and it’s definitely not too late to incorporate them into your daily routine. Elevating your style isn’t about buying expensive designer items or jumping on board with every new fashion trend. Instead, it’s about feeling and looking confident with your choice of clothes and accessories.

So embrace your style and be bold enough to experiment with fashion however you want. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll end up starting your own trend!


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