5 Top Tips To Travel To A Fashion Week In Style

Fashion weeks have long been a staple to travel to, no matter whether you’re local to the city they’re in or if you’re traveling in from somewhere else. If you’re coming from another city, it naturally means putting in a lot more effort.

When you’re doing so, you’ll need to know how to travel to a fashion week in style. After all, there’s not much of a point in going if you don’t look the part. That could seem difficult, if not impossible.

It doesn’t need to be. By knowing what you’re looking for and need – such as London Radical Storage for keeping your outfits safe during the trip – you can make things much easier. With a few particular tips and tricks, it’ll be much easier than you’d think.

You’ll be living the high life in style during fashion week before you know it.

How To Travel To A Fashion Week In Style: 5 Top Tips

1. Keep Socks Nearby

Quite a few fashion weeks take place during the summer, and it’s not uncommon for the weather to be quite warm. If you’re wearing boots or similar shoes during the vacation, then this could lead to quite a few issues.

You’ll naturally get a bit sweaty, which could lead to some discomfort when you’re wearing boots. That gets even worse when you consider how active you could be on a typical day. It’s worth having some socks with you to make sure this isn’t a problem.

You’ll avoid the wet feeling associated with having sweaty feet in a pair of boots, which can interfere with your day. If you’re wearing boots, people wouldn’t even notice them, so you don’t need to worry about how they’ll affect how your outfit looks.

2. Choose Low-Maintenance Footwear

During fashion week, you’ll naturally want to make sure your outfits are as stylish as possible. That doesn’t mean you should completely sacrifice comfort, however. You could end up doing a lot of walking around, which will have an impact on your feet.

The more uncomfortable your footwear is, the worse this will be. By choosing something comfortable and stylish, you make sure that’s not a problem. You should also ensure you pick something that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. You’ll be doing a lot during the day, and you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time adjusting your shoes.

Even a pair of comfortable boots can be more than enough for this.

3. Have A Pre-Take Off Prep Routine

Having a pre-take off prep routine can help you deal with a significant amount of stress when you’re going on your trip. Flying itself can be a stressful experience for many people, no matter where they’re going.

By having this pre-take off routine, you can take your mind off things and make sure it isn’t as stressful as it could be otherwise. There are more than a few things you can do when you’re doing so. With how drying aeroplane air can be on your skin, for example, it could be worth using a moisturizer.

To properly deal with the stress, consider meditating at your seat. It’ll prove relaxing and can be easier to do than you’d think. You can even do this during the flight, if you need.

4. Up Your Accessories Game

One aspect you’ll have to focus on when you’re going to a fashion week is what you’ll wear. The clothes themselves aren’t the only part you’ll need to focus on, as you’ll also need to worry about accessories. You’ll be around some of the most style-oriented people you’ll meet, so you’ll need to put some effort into this.

Thankfully, there’ll be more than a few ways you can up your accessories game to make sure you look as stylish as possible. Some of the more notable of these include wearing accessories that contrast well with your outfits. These add an extra ‘pop’ to your outfit without you needing to put much effort into it.

Even something as small as a few bracelets could be enough to make sure this is the case. It could be worth putting the extra effort in with a floppy hat or something similar, however.

5. Keep Your Must-Haves With You

You could have more than a few must-have outfits or accessories that you’ll want to bring with you to fashion week. They’ll be your outfit staples or something that makes you look as stylish as possible when you’re wearing them. It’s worth making sure you have these with you on the flight.

Sometimes, things can go wrong with the flight and you could be separated from your luggage for a few hours. If you don’t have your must-haves with you, this could be a nightmare. While being without your luggage is never nice, having your essentials make sure it isn’t as bad as it could be.

When you’re doing so, make sure your must-haves aren’t simply outfit-related. Make sure you have any medications, tickets, and similar items in your carry-on bag.

Travel Hacks To Make The Trip Stress-Free

There are more than a few other travel hacks you can use to make sure your fashion week trip is as stress-free as possible. While that could mean putting in a little more effort now, it’s more than worth it.

They’ll make sure you can enjoy your vacation when it starts and focus on enjoying fashion week and anything else you plan on doing. Some of the more notable of these include:

  • Give Yourself Time Before & After The Flight – With how much you could have planned for the vacation, you could have things planned back-to-back. That mightn’t be appropriate, especially when it comes to the flights. Plan to get there early and leave a little time after the flight in case things come up. It could be difficult to get through security, and there could be flight delays. Be prepared for this so they don’t affect the rest of the trip.
  • Have Something To Look Forward To When You’re Back – Coming back from fashion week can be a relatively saddening experience. After all of the excitement, it’s easy to see why. You can counteract that by having something to look forward to when you’re back. It’ll get rid of the sadness you could feel as the trip’s coming to an end.
  • Don’t Assume Something Will Go Wrong – One of the leading causes of stress is assuming something will go wrong. That’s understandable given all of the parts involved in a trip. What if a flight’s delayed and you miss something you’ve planned for? Don’t put yourself through the stress of that by assuming everything will go smoothly. While you’ll need to be prepared for anything that comes up, don’t expect they will.

While taking advantage of these travel hacks and tips takes a little time and effort upfront, they’ll be more than worth it once you’re on vacation. You’ll be free to focus on everything you’ve planned for the trip without having anything to worry about.

How To Travel To A Fashion Week In Style: Wrapping Up

Figuring out how to travel to a fashion week in style can seem unnecessarily complicated, thanks to everything you’ll need to take care of. There’ll be flights, accommodation, outfits, and much more to look after. It’s easy to see why many people get overwhelmed.

By following a few particular tips and tricks, you can make this much more straightforward. Once you do, you’ll have a stress-free time while you’re there. What’s stopping you from enjoying your fashion week trip in style?


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