15 Must-Haves For Your College Wardrobe

15 Must-Haves For Your College Wardrobe

Your college years are some of the most memorable years of your life. It is an opportunity to explore different cultures, meet new people and live your life to the fullest. There are college events, festivals and so much more to look forward to. And if you are afraid you won’t have enough time for all of it – do my homework and do my assignment for me service to the rescue! As someone who loves fashion, college is a chance to showcase your preferences and style. Cutting down your wardrobe can be difficult when it is time to pack for college.

To be honest, you are not going to need as much as you think you are. Do not make the mistake of carrying too many clothes because it can be frustrating as they just sit in the cupboard and occupy space but are never used. To help you out, here are some of the top things you need for your college wardrobe.

1. Jeans

This goes without saying, jeans are a must-have in your wardrobe. No matter your age or where you are headed, you always need a good pair of jeans. You will probably wear jeans every day of the freshman year. Pack at least four pairs of jeans that are comfortable and fit well. You may want to pick them keeping your body shape in mind. Any pair of jeans that you no longer wear should be left at home. It is best to invest in dark-washed jeans but you can also bring whatever color you feel most comfortable in. Carry high-waisted jeans so that you can pair them with a crop top.

2. Leggings

The next best thing to have in your college wardrobe is leggings. If you wear jeans for most of the freshman year, you will wear leggings each day of the sophomore year. If there is one thing you cannot live without-it is leggings. You must have a couple of pairs for college. They are versatile and you can wear them with anything to create a complete look. Wear something long enough over them. There are ample choices for you to pick from. Invest in basic leggings, denim, and prints.

3. A professional outfit

This could be a single outfit and no matter what you are studying or where you are studying, you need to buy a professional outfit. It is important to look like a professional when you appear for an interview or an internship. You never know when you need to dress up formally and even as a freshman, you may have to attend a networking event or a conference. Carry a white button-up and nice pants for the big day at college.

4. Basic tops

Stock up your wardrobe with comfortable, basic tops. You can have them in plain, basic colors or choose prints. These tops can be paired with any jeans of your choice and they are easy to style. You can simply wear a jacket on top of the outfit to complete the look. You will not be pumped to get up and dress in style every day in college. There will be late nights and long hours of work. This is when you would just want to put on a basic top and jeans to head to the class. The tops can be worn to the gym, on a grocery run, or for a lazy day.

5. Sweatshirts

Your college wardrobe remains incomplete if you do not have a couple of sweatshirts to put on when the weather feels chilly. The easiest outfit to go to class in is a sweatshirt and leggings. College is all about comfortable clothing and sweatshirts can be super comfortable to lounge in the room. You can also wear them late at night when you are studying in the library. There are hundreds of options for you to choose from. What’s important is that you choose apparel that aligns with your personal style and comfort. For example, if you like gothic style clothing, you will find several options with eerie and expressive from brands like Mythical Goods and Creatures, and if you like contemporary clothes, brands like FIGS offer sweatshirts that will align with your style.

6. Crop tops

You will only know the importance of a crop top when you go to college and see everyone wearing them over the weekend. A lot of people feel anxious at the idea of showing off their stomach but you can also wear crop tops conservatively. The easiest way is to pair the crop top with high-waisted jeans. You can also wear them with shorts for a casual look or pair them with a skirt for a night out. There are super stylish and comfortable crop tops you can find.

7. An all-day item

You never know how soon a college event can be planned. Things schedule up fast in college. There could be days when you may have a class and a day full of meetings, homework, and classes. After this, you may have to head to a friend’s party and you will not have the time to change. This is when a good all-day item can work best for you. It is a great idea to have at least one such piece in the wardrobe for such occasions. Switch from flats to heels and you are done. It can be a simple romper or a versatile dress that can work for any event. You can simply change the footwear, add an accessory and you are ready to go.

8. Sweaters

Based on your style, the sweaters you bring to college will be different but it is still a necessity for every wardrobe. It will not hurt to own a few sweaters so you are not ready to go out looking messy in the dorm room. Basic sweaters are perfect for dorm room parties. Invest in an expensive sweater that you can wear on top of dresses when you are out partying late in the night.

9. Jacket

Besides sweaters and cardigans, you will need at least one jacket for winter, and fall. You might want to pick up a cheaper jacket so you do not have to worry about it if you lose it. Do not invest heavily in the jacket so you are not bummed out when you lose it. Pick a neutral color or a color that you wear often so that it does not clash with your outfits.

10. Tights

A staple in every girl’s wardrobe- black opaque tights are a must-have. It should be in your wardrobe, no matter the age. You can pair the tights with cute cardigans, a skirt, or some boots for the fall and spring look. In winter, you can wear a pair of tights below your jeans for more warmth or carry a pair of fleece-lined tights to wear with the skirts and dresses.

11. Cute dresses

You will need a few cute dresses when you go out to parties. Besides the must-have little black dress, you must have a few dresses in case you go to someone’s house or for dinner. You will find ample options for dresses of top quality. Right from the dorm parties, to birthdays, the cute dresses will come in handy. You can pair them just the way you like them, with a jacket, tights, or accessories.

12. Cross-body bag

As you start college, you will realize that a small cross-body bag is a necessity. It will hold everything, right from the keys, to cash, phone, and a student ID. You will not have to go through the trouble of fumbling around when looking for something. You can bring the bag with you when you are running to the class or going out to a party on the weekend. The multi-purpose bag will be your go-to for anything you need. Choose a bag in a neutral shade so you can carry it with anything you wear.

13. Statement coat

You can look pulled-together in a statement coat. If you are wearing casual clothes underneath, you can look stylish and classic with a statement coat in no time. Pick a gorgeous coat that will last for many years and will be your go-to whenever you need to look feminine and classic.

14. Pajamas

After spending the majority of 2020 in pajamas, we now understand its importance in our wardrobe. Our daytime wardrobes look a lot pajama-like so why not give the sweats a night off and dress up in cute PJs for bed? There are several cute as well as luxurious pajamas you can find online.

15. Well-fitted skirt

The classic skirt has always been overlooked. You cannot deny the fact that it is an investment piece and once you start wearing it often, it will not leave your wardrobe. There are new versions each season and the skirt is never going to go out of style.

16. Accessories

There’s one unassuming but essential piece of your college wardrobe—accessories. When you carefully match a small skirt to go on a date, its existence can be the icing on the cake. Even if you are wearing ordinary clothes, just wearing a small accessory can make you stand out. Whatever you wear it with, pins are a surefire choice. You can choose patterns such as flowers and hearts, or you can customize your own enamel pins. For example,with your name or a unique symbol. These can show your carefulness in dressing.

These are the top 15 must-haves for your wardrobe when you head to college. These are a few investment pieces that are stylish and will last you throughout the college. Pair them just the way you like them and enjoy some of the most important years of your life.


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