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Xuly.Bet X Mimi Prober X Hogan McLaughlin Fall 2018: New York Fashion Week

Xuly.Bet X Mimi Prober X Hogan McLaughlin NYFW FW18

The Ceremony: XULY.BET X MIMI PROBER X HOGAN MCLAUGHLIN show, which helped kick off the Fall 2018 collections for NYFW, showcased a variety of compelling looks to draw individuals in.

The show started off by a series of odd chants echoing through the speakerswhich the audience soon learned was due to the “magic”theme of the show. Audience members did not know that they would be going to see a voodoo ritual when entering the doors that evening.

Xuly.Bet X Mimi Prober X Hogan McLaughlin: NYFW FW18

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XULY.BET designer LamineBadianKouyaté focused on bringing a multitude of prints to the table for the fall 2018 season. The prints varied in colors from sunset orange to royal blue. It also looks like the classic womens suit is making a comeback, as that was the most popular aspect of the collection. Heels accompanied by fishnet socks made a few appearancesas well, adding just the perfect amount of flirt into the exotic business women attire.

While Prober also included a few prints amongst her collection, the vintage vibes were real throughout the eighteen looks showcased. Featuring a ninties-esque triangle print alongwith complimentary ankle boots, many looks are fit to be worn by the likes of many.Also showcased were velvet coats, and black lace to accent many outfits. Overall, Mimi Prober created a collection that can be appreciated by many.

Focusing on a classier perspective torangeeach of the outfits, many modest dresses gracedthe runway to showcase the true beauty of simplicity. The different textures that aligned the outfits added for a subtle burst of uniqueness, making sure that the collection would easily be remembered.

Overall, each designer showcased did a fantastic job of creating distinctive looks to adorn the Fall 2018 fashion world.


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