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Julian Woodhouse and Kirill Kabachenko, the couple behind the recently renamed WOOD HOUSE Army label, proceed to use the socioeconomic climate to drive their creative process.

Recent threats between nuclear nations set the tone this season as WOOD HOUSE forcefully divulge what is exploding internally in our culture. Day to day political movements exalt the combination of visuals seen in this season’s collection. From faux fur and pleather, to haunting imagery emphasizing the potential atomic impact of war – past, present and future – this collection transudes a visual of the fight we all face multinationally.


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Drawing courage from whistle blowers like Edward Snowden, we can shed light on what our freedom and political representation really is – and how we can pursue to assimilate and realize how our world truly functions. WOOD HOUSE’s incomparable coherence of uniting the two worlds of politics AND design showcase the endurance and perseverance we as a culture sustain.

This collection exudes exquisite craftsmanship, featuring intense navy hues, a pinch of rich Burgundy and various warm camel tones. This collection is made from the seams of a brighter tomorrow and a promise to a time to rise up regardless of what the world seems to be, together, as an army.

“The clearer we become, the more we are able to …” Julian Woodhouse


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