Winter Jewelry Trends of 2021

Winter Jewelry Trends of 2021

Winter is coming… It’s easy to get on the back foot whilst keeping up with jewelry trends, and, given the hurricane of a year everyone had in 2020, the extent of fashion existed entirely over Zoom and on social media with no occasions to actually show off the abundance of trendy necklaces or new trend earrings.

Pearls, beads, and mismatched earring oddities are in swing, and there is a stellar lineup that has littered the runways thus far. The swirling excitement has got us posting about it. So, let’s jump into the top jewelry trends of 2021.

Gold Chain Necklace

Yep, there’s no surprise that the gold chain still dominates popular necklace styles. But, coinciding with the trending jewelry of 2021, the chunkier, the better… Opposing the thin elegance of a gold chain that had captured the market in previous years, the thick and iconic Medusa Chain Necklace is on-trend; all you need is the will to spend.


  1. Chain necklace
  2. Medusa medallions
  3. Hook fastening
  4. Metal: Brass
  5. Finish: Versace Gold
  6. Please note water and perfume may damage the item
  7. Made in Italy
Mis-Matched Earrings

The search for something different and unique – a road constantly endeavored by fellow fashion pioneers. New trend earrings are steering further away from uniformity; in fact, the more contrast, the trendier it is.

The Interlocking G Flower Pearl transcends the fundamental narrative of nature versus beauty. One earring captures the quintessence of purity with a single golden flower linked to a glass pear pendant, while the other earring completing the set extends the collection of glass pearls in wake of the missing flower.


  1. Metal with gold finish
  2. Interlocking G detail and glass pearl pendants on one earring
  3. Interlocking G detail, flower and glass pearl pendant on one earring
  4. For pierced ears
  5. Length: 36mm
  6. Made in Italy
Charm Necklaces

Trending jewelry still entitles jewelry that has been trendy for a while, right? Well, Charm necklaces aren’t going away. Why? It’s easy to find sentiment and beauty in a pendant, a symbol or gesture that reminds us of loved ones or a particular time in our lives.

Francesca Jewelry encompasses the importance of meaning and connection to jewelry. The Astro Charm translates self-reassurance, having honesty and respect within, never hiding true colors – aiming for the stars – always shining bright.


  1. Charm quote – The moon won’t shine without the stars
  2. Select from solid sterling silver, 14k rose, or gold-plated 2 microns on silver
  3. Astro charm is 18mm x 7mm in size
  4. Freshwater pearl and white cubic zirconias set into the charm
  5. 5mm jump ring attached at the top of the charm, designed so that you can easily add and remove charms from our bracelets.

The 2021 fashion trends are all about finding contrasts that match. A bit of a juxtaposition, we know. But, with much controversy ravishing the flood plains of society, pouring in from every media platform, we humans start to seek further statements in what we say, do, and wear.

The contrasting nature of the Pearly Alai Necklace Gold from Anni Lu captures both elegance and funky fashion statements, proclaiming that you don’t need to side with a style so long as you’re expressing yourself. No matter the new trend earrings or popular necklace styles, expression and honesty are fashion’s integral components.


  1. Brass with 18kt gold plating
  2. African glass beads
  3. Cultured freshwater pearls
  4. Adjustable from 40 – 46cm
The Pearled Choker

Vivian Westward’s rise to fame during the punk fashion movement in the 1970s has resurged after a domino effect of influences, including Bella Hadid, Madison Beer, Saweetie, and Kylie Jenner shared photos of the iconic pearl choker known as the Bas Relief Choker.

The sudden influx of popularity sparked a jewelry trend for men with a follow-up wave of influencers sharing their take on the Choker, including Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, and Rickey Thompson.


  1. Studded with light topaz Swarovski crystals
  2. Gold-tone setting
  3. Faux pearl choker
  4. Vivian Westward orb pendant
  5. Chain length: 39 cm
  6. Orb Dimensions: H 1.6 x W 2.6 cm


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