What is Vegan Makeup?

What is Vegan Makeup in General?

By vegan makeup we mean cosmetic products which don’t use animal ingredients.

Vegan cosmetics are far from animal testing. Cosmetic industry had concerns regarding animal abuse. Representatives of cosmetic brands wanted to stop it so they became cruelty free brands. That’s why in today’s world we have a growing market for cruelty free products.

Which cosmetic products are vegan?

Some vegan cosmetics are blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, eyeliners, concealers and foundations. You can find well-tried vegan makeup cosmetics on the website veautie.com – the vegan brand Veautie puts quality first!

When it comes to all existing vegan products – there is a vegan nail polish which is becoming more and more popular. Even a bronzer begins to appear as a vegan product. Actually, each mentioned vegan makeup product is becoming increasingly available. Many companies “go with the flow” and create vegan cosmetic lines. We will tell you a secret – vegan cosmetics are not only for vegans! Anybody in the world can use them.

How to make sure that makeup cosmetics are vegan?

Firstly, you should read the labels. Secondly, research the companies to be a hundred percent sure before buying certain products. See if the entire process is animal friendly. Be attentive and learn which companies use chemicals developed using animal test subjects.

Why choose vegan cosmetics?

Veganism is often associated only with giving up eating some products of animal origin – meat, fish, eggs, butter, cheese, milk, honey etc. Many people forget that a vegan lifestyle is not only about food and a vegan diet choice – it’s albo about makeup!

People are going vegan because they want to be healthier. Philosophical reasons are also important. It means that choosing vegan food and vegan makeup has a moral meaning quite often.

The best solution for a sensitive skin

Using vegan makeup cosmetics can bring many benefits for your skin. They can improve uneven skin tones. Moreover, they are better for sensitive skin because they are composed of fewer ingredients than non-vegan cosmetics. There are fewer chances of developing an acne, a rash etc.

Vegan beauty products are rich in vitamins

Most vegan cosmetics are composed of natural ingredients. Examples? Aloe vera, seaweed, essential oils and chamomile. Thanks to that, cosmetics are rich in vitamins. After using them, the skin is lightened, nourished and hydrated. It looks radiant, smooth, fresh, elastic and firm. Bags under your eyes are reduced. Vegan products give us a much more youthful appearance!

Vegan cosmetics – figthing against animal testing

The cosmetic industry is increasingly moving away from animal testing. All of that to get out ahead of all the bad press. These changes occur also in order to satisfy the needs of customers. The customer pressure was growing, so going vegan was the only right thing to do. The truth is that no animal need to be harmed – without that, creating great cosmetics is still possible!

When cosmetics can be called vegan?

Cosmetics can be called vegan only when several criteria have been satisfied. The first requirement is product testing. Beauty products and cosmetics can be labeled vegan when it is proven that they are not tested on animals.

We already know that vegan beauty products are cruelty free and not animal tested. However, vegan also means that no animal derived ingredients are used in the production process. For example, using honey or goat’s milk is out of a question. We also add carmine, gelatin, glycerin, ghee and much more to the animal derived ingredients list. All vegan brands stay away from animal products!

Is it possible to move even further?

It is! Investing in good vegan makeup products is one thing. The next thing should be getting rid of all kinds of brushes that are made from animal hair. Choosing a brush made from synthetic ingredients is a much better solution. Get into an animal-free beauty routine for 100%!

Also, it’s worth mentioning that vegan products are often packed in recycled packaging. It’s like giving some products a second life instead of letting them end up in the landfills. This is another reason why choosing vegan cosmetics is a good idea – thanks to that, we help not only animals but also our planet!


You do not have to be a vegan in order to use vegan beauty products. Just think about the pros – you stop using products derived from animal testing labs. Your skin is hydrated and you are glowing! At the same time, you help the planet. You protect animals. Do not hesitate and equip yourself with vegan and cruelty free cosmetics! Enjoy their brilliant benefits!


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