Walter Van Beirendonck Spring Summer 2023

Welcome to WIRWAR

Where a million false promises
echo at ear-piercing volume And chaos is attacking from all sides

Welcome to WIRWAR
Where we put on grand-feathered performances pretending not to see ourselves fall from the skies

Walter Van Beirendonck

Let’s regroup/rephrase
and rewind end times
Welcome to WIRWAR
Where we uncover the ghosts of futures past still blessing the Golden Boys
Welcome to WIRWAR
Where we ponder the following:
can we wage war against the GREED monsters
one moment?
And untangle ourselves the other?
To paint the world in electric colours and rage
and imagine flying high (but not too close to the sun!)
Welcome to WIRWAR
Don’t look for normal
That skeleton is never coming back
Up next is everything all-over all at once from the rear
and the front
If everything can end,
all is possible

Make-Up—Jenneke Croubels & team
Hair—Charlie Le Mindu & team
Eyewear—KOMONO X Walter Van Beirendonck
Music—Gerrit Kerremans
Show Production—Mark Vandebroeck
Copywriting—Dominique Nzeyimana
Graphic Design—Paul Boudens

Very Special Thank You to Dirk Van Saene
Thank You to our Manufacturers
Thanks to the Fantastic W-team:
Dorrith, Eiko, Ezio, Floris, Mareille, Marlous, Oscar, Susan, Yannik
Timoteo Ocampo from Cellblock 13
Thank You to all Models and the Dressers from Paris American Academy


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With love,