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VR Fashion Shows: Latest Advances in Virtual Reality

Last 2009, Alexander McQueen collaborated with Nick Knight to showcase his collection in the first-ever (by some accounts) livestream show.

This innovation changed the way we look at the fashion show forever. With the latest advent in technology — virtual reality fashion shows — designers are looking for ways to incorporate these advancements to their show, to improve the experience for their fans. Today, an increasing number of fashion brands are using virtual reality that provides a unique and special ways to look into the services, products and runways shows. Augmented reality offers a closer look, personal experience and intimate access in the industry.

Virtual Reality: The Future of Fashion Shows?

In the fashion industry, technological innovation presents a new and interesting approach to entice new buyers. Imagine a show where you will never have to deal with the stressful traffic, late models and unnecessary talks; or perhaps, you are looking for ways to just skip the horrible collection and just move to the better stuff. Imagine all of that happening at the comfort of your home. You will have the best seat in the fashion shows while sitting comfortably at your armchair.

With augmented reality, the location of the fashion shoot can change invariably. They will simply shoot the entire show using the green screen at the backdrop, and they can easily alter the location once they placed it at the VR set-up. They can make the models appear like they are walking on the glaciers, through a narrow platform at the space station or perhaps at a secluded location at the Amazon jungle.

Using augmented reality allows you to shot the entire event in 360-degrees which means that everyone who has an access to the fashion show using the headset can have a premium pass and an exclusive access to the Behind-the-scene footages. VR is still in its stage of development, but as this medium evolves, more innovation and features should be expected that will raise the fashion shows into new heights. The true potential of this technology is yet to be uncovered, but as of today, it allows us to watch the things that are beyond the usual runway.

Virtual reality has also invaded the New York’s Fashion week as several designers have hoped to boost the consumer experience of the attendees by offering their brands using the VR technology. The public was able to have an access to the 13 collection using their gadgets in 2D. It has been a revolutionary opportunity for the fashion industry. By using this latest technology, they made it possible for the thousands of individuals to have the best seat. The increase in the visibility and the awareness in the part of the designer are just immense.

As the fashion industry starts to use the VR technology, most designers are looking forward to the vast opportunities that will lead to better capabilities and enhanced customer experience. Since you are not basically restricted to the laws of science in augmented reality, this can change the way designers create and present their clothes.


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